Fatih Karagümrük SK Fan Token $fksk Chart, Price and Contract

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Fatih Karagümrük SK Token (FKSK) is a BRC-20 smart contract built on Bitcichain. FKSK Token offers its fans the opportunity to participate in surveys and events, enjoy games and quests linked to digital collectibles, NFT purchases, fan rewards or great experiences. FKSK Token provides E-Commerce opportunity by being included in the potential ecosystem of Fatih Karagümrük SK in the future. It enables Voting, Donation, Exclusive Videos and more. Bitci Fan Tokens strengthen the bond between team and fans by giving fans new ways to interact and grow with their favorite teams. Highlights of the Project Blockchain Infrastructure: Fatih Karagümrük SK Token was created on Bitcichain as a native BRC-20 Token. This provides fans with a wide range of token functions with greater accessibility and lower costs. Token Utility: Fatih Karagümrük SK Token offers a variety of fan engagement options, including limited collection and integration with the Bitci NFT Marketplace, interactive team rewards, exclusive privileges, voting rights, gamification, and exclusive brand experiences. Brand Identity: Fatih Karagümrük SK currently has more than 500,000 supporters and a digital fan base of over 150,000 on its social networks. In partnership with the Bitci ecosystem, the FKSK token is accessible to both the Baskonia fanbase and the entire Bitci user base

Bitcichain Bitcichain: 0x4a7521236ea97d99346d17deeb0fe13fcef2cb83

Name: Fatih Karagümrük SK Fan Token
Symbol: fksk
Network: Bitcichain

Total supply: 0
Max supply: 0

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    fksk price,Fatih Karagümrük SK Fan Token price


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