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What is AIBRA? AIBRA is an AI & blockchain based Recruitment Tool decentralizes the typical recruitment model creating an ecosystem of recruiters, job seekers and recruitment agencies united by providing more value for the future of recruitment and Decentralised finance,through utilities of staking, and other Defi products. AIBRA token was launched on the 3rd of July 2022 with 1billion Aibra token created at genesis. 45% of Aibra total token will be burn with (5% monthly vested). Aibra tools Include * A Recruitment tool built on Bitgert Blockchain. * Dapp tracker for tracking dapp listed on bitgert Blockchain * Standalone wallet use for receiving and sending payment tokens.

bitgert bitgert: 0x9f7bb6e8386ac9ad5e944d66fba80f3f7231fa94

Symbol: abr
Network: bitgert

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 1000000000

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abr price,AIBRA price


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