BREAKING SEBI Proposes Crypto Ban on Advertisment New Crypto

🚨BREAKING: SEBI Proposes Crypto Ban on Advertisment | New Crypto Law India | Crypto Bill News India

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🚨BREAKING: SEBI Proposes Crypto Ban on Advertisment | New Crypto Law India | Crypto Bill News India

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  1. crypto is nothing but a gambling entity for a bunch of lazy and etxremely stupid people …

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  3. Sreekumar Pillai

    Rashtra ka economic growth ko peeche dhakelne ka kam bewakoofi ki vajah se in log kar rahe hai, wo kon sa violation of rules hai, inko bhi batana chahiye!… ..

  4. ਸਿੰਘ ਸਾਬ

    Jb web 3 k project launch honge…toh yeh anpad mantri bahr se web 3 k software khareedene????

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  6. Blake Long 😍 omlhack on Telegram

    Loving the memory for working with above ⬆️ 😎 and he made me happy beyond my expectations…

  7. Blake Long 😍 omlhack on Telegram

    Loving the memory for working with above ⬆️ 😎 and he made me happy beyond my expectations…

  8. Sumit Soni laddu Gopal Bastar

    Hello bro kaise ho main ek baat rakhni chahta hun sitaraman Ji se vah pahle kahati thi ki ekjut hokar sabhi country ko apnana chahie Bitcoin aur criptocurrency Ko abhi unko yahi nahin maloom ki criptocurrency hai kya chij hai 47 contries criptocurrency is adoption no India is cryptocurrency

  9. Bhai sahab Mera refer link bhi thoda download karne bol dijiye na

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  11. Shubhu's World of games

    Its affecting sovereignty of India asif we are buying in dollar in amazon; kinrana walla; swiggy etc..

  12. Shubhu's World of games

    Crypto leads to dollarization …AS IF INR IS WORLD'S STRONGEST CURRENCY

  13. Shubhu's World of games

    The latest director of SEBI seems to have made this proposal with help of a Guru too….how come the smartest people talk the stupidest theories

  14. Arshpreet Singh

    Fr india chood de gye hum

  15. Pan daru ka add me to Jan ka risk hai
    Wah re dogli gov 😡😡

  16. Indian government nhi chahti ki india aage bade future me only petrol pe focus h modi ko …🤣😂😢

  17. अच्छा कर रहे हो भाई जारी रखो आगे भी । अपना टाइम भी आयेगा ।

  18. Bhaskar Chutia

    Modi pagal hai.
    Nirmala sitaram unpad hai.
    Arvind kejiwal future hai

  19. sab kuch acha hoga
    thore dino ki bat h govt ko bhi sab smj m aa jayga ap sab log hold rakho bu only for wait 12 months

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  21. gurpreet sandhu

    Lani chayie

  22. Sab hold kare long term ke liye,

  23. Indian gov ko sirf apne logo adani ambani ko fayda pahuchane se fursat mile tab na crypto ke bare me soche public ko vo nhi kamanae dena chahti .

  24. Not good news

  25. Sarkar gireygi logo ki hai lagagi

  26. Ban kr do hm tho karaga hii

  27. Pakistan ma regulate kr di or india ki gandd fatt rahi

  28. P2p kese band karenge mother chod ye

  29. Thanks