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18/02/22| Crypto news today | Shiba inu coin news today | Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin news today | BTC

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18/02/2022| Cryptocurrency news today | Crypto news today | Bitcoin news today | Hindi | Cryptocurrency for beginners

In this video, we have covered news from across the Globe. Watch this video and keep yourself updated. Latest Crypto updates latest Crypto News. Cryptocurrency news today Crypto news today Bitcoin news today in Hindi.

New’s Covered in the Video
-UAE to issue licenses for virtual asset providers by end of Q1: report.
-Shiba Inu Trading Finally Goes Live On Top Brazilian Exchange With Highest Liquidity.
-Top ETH Whales Now Holds 18.6 Trillion Shiba Inu Tokens Worth $2.7 Billion.
-Colorado Governor Announces Plans To Accept Crypto For Tax Payments – Crypto Daily.
-Animoca Brands’ new Japan arm aims to connect fans in Web 3.0 world.
-Everyrealm Launches NFT Collection After Hosting the First-Ever Metaverse Fashion Show.
-NEO gets price bump after NFT integration on BSN.
-Intel Wants to Solve Bitcoin’s “Climate Issue” With Its Upcoming “Blockchain Chip”.
-The Republic of the Marshall Islands Allows Registration of DAOs as Legal Entities.
-Europe’s Cherry Ventures dives into crypto with new $34 million fund.
-Nvidia Crypto Mining Processor Revenue Slumps 77% to $24M in Q4 2021.
-Cardano Sees Significant Growth in On-Chain Activity as New Addresses Spike 167%.
-YouTuber exposes NFT scammers before they were able to make $20 million.
-Study: 68% of Americans Aware of Risks Involved With Cryptocurrencies.
-Russia Goes Bullish On Bitcoin With Proposed Crypto Mining Tax Reduction.
-Twitter Adds Ether (ETH) to Its Tipping Options.
.Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Amid Rising Tensions with Russia.

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are a high risk investment and may not be suitable for all members of the public and all types of investor. You should not purchase cryptocurrency unless you understand the extent of your exposure to potential loss. We are only providing information for educational purpose only and no financial advice. One should know and study properly before investing into cryptocurrencies


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