1inch integrates with CoolWallet

1inch integrates with CoolWallet

The integration offers CoolBitX App users a DEX aggregator option by 1inch with native CoolWallet support.

In line with a strategy of collaborating with the DeFi space’s coolest projects, the 1inch Network is thrilled to announce an integration with CoolWallet, which will enable users of CoolBitX App to easily and thoroughly manage their digital assets while enjoying top-level security.

CoolBitX App’s most recent upgrade features a DEX aggregation functionality powered by 1inch. Thanks to this option, CoolBitX App users will be able to safely swap one cryptocurrency for another at the most competitive rates on the market directly in their app.

CoolBitX App is available as a standalone app and in CoolWallet, a secure cold-storage crypto wallet. Just like 1inch, CoolBitX focuses significantly on protecting its users’ digital assets. To that end, CoolBitX offers native in-app support for both MetaMask (through WalletConnect), OpenSea and Rarible users.

A tutorial for using the DEX aggregator option provided by 1inch in CoolBitX App is available here.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about 1inch integrations and collaborations!

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