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Luna Inu — Reborn

Do you remember a time when crypto communities were a place to chill, bond with like minded peeps, great vibes all around and also get a solid return for your investments — especially if you were early.

Well, I don’t!

I, like many of us here today, came into crypto during the end of the last bull run in 2021, like millions of others dazzled by stories of Doge and Shiba millionaires.

As the crypto space evolved to become more mainstream compared to its earlier times when only those who understood the tech were early — it gave rise to opportunistic scammers who could operate under the cloak of anonymity thanks to the decentralised nature of web3.

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These ‘devs’ started creating tokens by the dozens — knockoffs of Shib/Doge/Floki/Shin/Sai/Tama/Inu Frankensteins.

The names were all similar, it was impossible to keep track and at times tell one from another. Contracts had backdoors, hardcoded taxes, only whitelisted wallets could sell so once you bought you were done. So on and so forth.

The plebs fell for it — hook, line and sinker.

And there was a name for this space — degenerate crypto.

Degen for short.

High-risk, high-reward stuff abound with pump and dump projects. It was a miracle if tokens lasted a week without the liquidity being drained to the last bit.

However, slowly but surely — plebs (like me) started to catch up. We understood how to audit contracts, even if you didn’t know Solidity there were apps that could do it for you.

So you could ensure that the funds were safu (safe) at least from the contract side, better if it was renounced.

Understanding this — the scammer devs became more and more sophisticated in their operations.

The scammer dev (who called himself ‘based’) decided to run a long con when he chanced upon this goldmine opportunity of creating a meme token off the $LUNA/UST collapse debacle.

He found some unsuspecting partners who weren’t aware of his malicious intentions, all on the premise of building a new community; uniting peeps who lost due to $LUNA collapse.

He understood he needed credibility for others to jump in, so he decided to use the SHIB contract 1:1 — which is zero tax and considered safu. So at first glance nothing is amiss.

He also wrote a detailed article emphasising the fact that he was just doing it for the community, he had enough money to “last more than one lifetime” and that he was not in it for any financial gains.

“Just like SHIB, there are no team tokens (well, i bought a small amount after i burned liquidity… wanted to join the fun kek)” — The Scammer Dev

This reassured the community and the tone of proceedings even caught out experienced whales (some of whom made fortunes in tokens like Shib) who came in hot and heavy. In fact the dev only contributed 2ETH to the liquidity — around 30ETH was added by the community whales at launch.

The next few days were a blur — $LINU mooned soon after launch, reaching an ATH (all-time high marketcap) of 12m in less than six days. Being a zero tax token, bots came in and pumped a lot of ETH into the chart. At peak $LINU was doing around $7m in daily volume and as a result trending on Dextools.io for 5 days straight!

All seemed good until a bunch of large wallets started selling soon after ATH.

A few members of the community suspected something amiss but didn’t voice their concerns in case it caused widespread FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).

The community was really strong, most dips were eaten up within minutes but the large sell-offs didn’t slow down.

What had happened was this — the dev held the majority of supply (estimated 15–20%) spread across multiple wallets and even in wallets seeded before the LP (liquidity pool) was made.

Essentially these tokens were free (almost!) and once a target MC was reached, the scammer dev started to sell them off from different wallets.

At the time, the community thought of it as just whales taking profits but once the dumping started it just didn’t seem to stop.

Fast-forward a couple of days — on 25th May, the MC was down to 1m from the peak of 12m and the scammer dev having collected his payday (estimated between $1.5–2m), deleted his telegram and twitter accounts and went off in the sunset.

This is the reason why this article was penned down in the first place, but it would have been unfair to do without documenting what we have actually been through as a community.

Context is necessary for any new initiative, the sequence of events that led to the inflexion point we are at today should be laid thread-bare for all to understand.

Once the scammer dev disappeared, a few members of the community took the reins of the token since the contract was renounced (there is no owner and nothing can be changed).

It will continue to be a zero-tax token.

No taxes ever.

Forever renounced.

All community members interested to contribute to operations will have to be compulsorily doxxed on our public twitter and our website which will include a video and a LinkedIn/Instagram link.

We all have been scammed, far too many times hence this is our way to ensure that prospective investors know that the project is being spearheaded by legit community members who also happen to be experts in their respective fields and not just a new bunch of degen PND scammers and shillers.

The marketing funds will be placed in a public multi-sig wallet accessed only by the doxxed community members.

As of now one of our doxxed members has donated 1.5 ETH towards the marketing wallet with a condition that it will be used for a KuCoin listing once we cross 10m MC.

Update on the multi-sig (26th May, 1425 hours EST) —

Gnosis Safe Wallet has been deployed with 3 Doxxed community members.


And marketing funds has been supplied by a doxxed member for a listing at 10–15m MC. LINK

So what’s next for $LINU?

All I can say is — we’re just getting started.

Imagine being rugged in a massive long-con Ponzi like $LUNA/UST.

Then coming to a community which is built around flipping $LUNA and redeeming the DoKwon’d investors with the redeemer calling himself the ‘based dev’.

Then this un-based dev turning out to be a scammer much like DoKwon, and dumping on the community.

And amidst all of this — the community standing united, standing as one, standing strong, memeing away to glory.

This is day one and we have a very simple mission —

“Make Crypto Safu Again”.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a whale or a pleb.

If you’re interested in contributing to this project and willing to doxx (this is non-negotiable), DM us on twitter —



#LinuArmy is just getting started.

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