Across’ Referral Program Is Now Live: How You Can Farm $ACX Tokens Today

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Tl;dr — The first stage of the Across token launch is a referral program: you refer people to use the bridge and earn some ownership of the protocol you’re both using. It’s a “bridge to earn” approach to airdrops. Every $1 of bridge fees you refer could earn significantly more than $1 of ACX, the Across token.

Here are the program docs, as well as the link to the program.

Risk Labs, the team behind Across, has a history of experimentation regarding token distribution. This latest iteration is focused on rewarding those who help grow the protocol’s usage. Across’ bridge solution is fundamentally more capital efficient and less costly than competitors’, so we expect it to win in the long run. This program is intended to help it win today.

If your mom told you about this program she would lovingly tell you to move fast. Set up your referral link as soon as you can — the referral program is sticky, so you want to be the one getting in front of people first.

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You can compare this to referral programs of the olden days where you and your target each get $5 or $10 when they convert. Fast forward to the Web3 version: you and your friend own a piece of the business you just used.

Let’s jump straight in–the people who scrolled past the intro already have a lead on you.

Across Referral Program Is Now Live How You Can Farm

How does this program work?
It is similar to other affiliate programs–generate a unique URL, and then you share it where people are likely to need it. When they click on that link and use the bridge, you earn rewards in ACX tokens–and so will the person you referred.

How can I create my referral link?
Head on over to and connect your wallet. The UI will provide you with your referral link.

What am I earning when I refer someone via my referral link?
You earn a percentage of your referee’s bridge fees, in $ACX, which you can claim shortly after token launch.

Is there an insane, limited-time bonus?
Funny you should ask. While doing the math, we realized that Across’ fees are too low, even if we offered you all of it. So we decided to create a bonus multiplier: whatever math you see below will be MULTIPLIED BY 3 for a limited time, reviewed daily.

What percentage of my referees’ bridge fees am I earning?
There are different levels of what you can earn. The levels are as follows:

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Finer points:

  • Those requirements are cumulative, so you need 5 referrals total to hit silver, not 5 + 3.
  • “Unique referral transfer” refers to a bridge transfer that was sent and included a referral tag from a unique wallet. For example, 20 transfers with the same sender wallet count only as 1 “unique referral transfer.”
  • Of these referral fees, 25% goes to the person you’ve referred, while 75% will go to you (the referrer). If you refer yourself, you get 100%.
  • The referral reward percentage only applies to the first 12 basis points of the bridge fee. It is not common for the fee to exceed 12bps, but can happen when our pools are highly utilized.

When calculating my pre-token launch referral rewards, what price are you assuming ACX is worth?
We are assuming a price of $0.10 per ACX, which is a $100m fully diluted valuation. When the token is live and trading it may be more or less than that.

How does this work if the token hasn’t launched yet?
The tokens owed to you will accrue and be visible on the program UI. You will be able to claim them shortly after the token launches.

Does the bridge user (i.e. the “referee”) earn rewards?
Yes, referral rewards will be split between the referrer (75%) and referee (25%).

When will the token be launched?
We are aiming to launch before the end of Q3, 2022.

Does my referee need to click my referral link each time for me to reap the rewards?
No. Unless your referee clicks on another referral link, they will be linked to you for all of their transfers. This is another reason why it’s important to set up your link asap!

Is there a catch?
Yes. Once the token is live, if you claim, you will forfeit your referral tier status and existing referrer addresses will no longer accrue to you. Your volume and number of referrals resets back to 0. You start from the beginning again at the copper level.

Can I refer myself?
Yes, you can! This is actually a great way to get paid back for bridging. Use your own referral link when you bridge and you’ll basically be getting refunded part of what you paid for fees in ACX.

How can I earn even more ACX?
You can provide liquidity to the bridge at LPs in non-protocol token pools (USDC, ETH, DAI, and wBTC) will continuously earn ACX tokens to be airdropped. You can also become better at using the referral links — And that’s where the Referral Rangers come in.

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If you’re ready to join the program and you really want to have the best results, then join the Referral Rangers Bootcamp.

The Referral Rangers will share alpha and work together with the rest of the ACX community. We will share strategies that have worked, wear the official uniform, and work together to land referral integrations. Get started in Ranger Bootcamp.

If you have any additional questions about Across’ referral program, pop into our Discord — our community and team members are always happy to help.

Click here to create your link and refer immediately. Happy referring!

Disclaimer: Terms of this referral program are subject to change and revision; the referral program parameters and terms will be reviewed daily. Across has the right to revoke referral links and rewards for those attempting to abuse the system. Rewards have a cap of 12 basis points per transaction.

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