AMA7000X, AMZ4RT AM20RT — Breaking news: AMAZON joins Crypto pre-launch REVEALED (Must watch!)

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Amazon has announced in the pre-investor groups that they will launch AMZ on all places starting with the shop and their own Amazonwallet. Amazon crypto will be a significant change to the game as it is the first major coin to be used on merchant-products.
Amazon plans to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum based projects with the new AMZ token when it will be integrated in their online shop and services, providing actual value to a digital asset.



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  1. I love how YT influencers still try to avoid this but obviously filled their bags. Yeah good ol' youtube, just distracting with meme coins or market warnings and then this happens.

  2. Just found your channel. I just appreciate how you are just honest. I'm definitely subscribing. I'm getting into AMZ in a very big way. Not even for me to cash out but in a generational type wealth way.

  3. Amazon going crypto is the ultimate news for not only this coin but every coin there is.

  4. Thanks James. I'm was very skeptical about the whole Amzn thing, but your vision brought me to this world

  5. Couldn't agree more. And yes for now ETH still has the network effect. But remember; this isn't a sprint, but a marathon.

  6. The announcement was made in the Amazon telegram private investor group, which I discovered after doing extensive research. In fact, I thought it was an elaborate hoax, and I was so paranoid about the whole thing. thank you James.

  7. Perhaps it's just a dream, but goddamn it's a beautiful dream. I sincerely hope it comes true.

  8. This is exactly how crypto should be like, you need something to give a coin value. If you just buy a random dog coin named after whatever dog race they invent then no surprise that you lose it all.

  9. I'm 45 and my goal is to retire at 55 in Portugal, thank you for this lifetime changing update

  10. Meanwhile ETH makes excuses…I doubt the staking returns will be that high, I'm expecting 6%.

  11. Amz STILL feeling BULLISH….Amz feeling very very BLESSED…KEEP IT COMING GUY'S CUS YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!

  12. The power of knowledge! I just swapped 1.2 btc for my amz, and I'm hoping it'll be worthwhile because it's fully backed by Amazon. I also appreciate the early update.

  13. 1.) A big mainstream company – biggest online store in the world de facto – going for a token launch. Means crypto can't be called dead any time soon

  14. I’m riding with you James. I don’t have a big bag in Amzn but I see the vision/dream and I’m holding my small bag.

  15. Right now, Amz is the best project out there, and the public sale will blow up the internet. fact#

  16. Amazon could be the biggest change crypto ever faced, this will be MASSIVE in pumps once we have the main sale stage

  17. AMZ is here for the long-term. Getting in early is one of the very few things where I would be pretty sure on 20-100X even this year still. And usually you can't ever make an estimate like this but what could go wrong on this thing?

  18. The idea of AMZ is that we make a bridge with the mainstream so more and more adopt crypto. It's good but even then still so much far behind compared to normal stocks. Now with Amazon actually announcing that they create a coin on the blockchain I think we will see a lot of changes not only there but everywhere. Can't have a better bullish signal than this

  19. Ah ok, I got you. I still don't know enough about crypto and blockchain but it definitely has my attention. Thank you for this video.

  20. I’m optimistic about amz so i got me a bag. waiting for m merge with eth to spike up things

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