AMZX25, AMZGGX: Amazon starts AMZ token (crypto) – BREAKING NEWS – Designated Amazonwallet

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Amazon has announced in the pre-investor group that they will launch AMZ on all places starting with the shop and their own Amazonwallet. Amazon crypto will be a significant change to the game as it be the first major coin to be used on merchant-products.
Watch the video to learn all the early available information to AMZ and how it will be integrated. Use the link above to get an early CoinMarketCap exclusive bonus when you join into the pre-investor program.


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  1. AMZ is here for the long-term. Getting in early is one of the very few things where I would be pretty sure on 20-100X even this year still. And usually you can't ever make an estimate like this but what could go wrong on this thing?

  2. So far I am really happy with being part of the project thanks guys

  3. You need to believe in SOME things in this field and is there something better to believe than the brand who already made success all the years?

  4. Look 99% of time a new token launches it is doomed to be a joke and nothing with any value. You can see that a coin integrated in the biggest store in the world has value, can you?

  5. Customer support helped me to get into it cus I haven't rly done much with crypto yet. I also tried to sell parts of the AMZ back just so I know that works and it did. Thank you for this opportunity from my heart 💛

  6. As maybe some of you I was quite skeptical about this video but they wouldn't allow me to sell on their app to Bitcoin and withdraw if this was by any means scammy. This gives you always a fast way out if you need

  7. If I know one thing then if a project like this launches you better step in. This is in no way comparable to meme coins and not evens something like LUNA. Just use half of your brain and you know why you need this lol

  8. The thing is it's an early beta test and therefore the AMZ functionality is limited to buying and selling other coins as of now, soon this will be in the whole Amazon shop online and then it means much

  9. You probably saw one of the many comments promoting this because this might have huge influence for the crypto scene

  10. AMZ token is the big gamechange for all cryptos as this will be the first coin integrated in merchandise and Amazon is the biggest store in the world? So what to even think about this, must-have!

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