Arcus Strategic Partnership With CoinEx SmartChain

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CoinEx is a global crypto trading platform. In addition to the exchange, CoinEx has a comprehensive industry ecosystem layout including the mining pool ( ViaBTC), smart contract chain, wallet (ViaWallet) and investment. CoinEx token(CET) is being used as the exchange native token and is being used for promotional campaign rights, VIP privilege, and as gas fees on CoinEx smart chain. CoinEx has also launched their CoinEx Charity providing series of charity programs in Nigeria, Philippines, Belarus, Iran and other countries with the mission of via blockchain in making the world a better place.

During the May 1st NFT Metaverse GameFi event in Cove Manila, it was revealed that CSC (CoinEx Smart Chain) Foundation’s Supportive Plan is still ongoing since its launch last June 30, 2021. The Multi-Million USD Developer Recruitment Plan by Coinex Smart Chain is aimed at attracting developers around the globe to build DApps on CSC and encourage more nodes, institutions, and individuals to contribute to the building of CSC’s ecosystem and community. Projects could receive $1,000 — $100,000 from the CSC Foundation depending on their focus and quality. Moreover, projects developed in the name of CSC could get at least $200,000.


Arcus is a bow and arrow combat with up to 10 or more players cross-platform that consists of an intense, fun, real-time and arena-based Player vs Player; and a team play Guild Wars action. This skill-based game application is also available for Deathmatch and Heroes Journey and it includes a treasury bank feature to sustain the game tokenomics. With the swift development from the team, Arcus P2EE game is projected to be released on time or sooner than the roadmap stated. It will be a wonderful experience as players’ skills will be tested both in Heroes Journey and PVP set up, battling with different players at all times as they reach the pinnacle of their potential strength.

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Arcus provides a Free-To-Play gaming experience for everyone who wants to enjoy the game. There is no need to purchase anything for this. As much as there is F2P, Arcus is also providing NFT experience for those who are willing to capitulate to the thrill of owning one and playing with them. There are three (3) types of NFT in this game: Arcusian Warrior, Arcusian Ether and Weapons.

Arcusian warriors are the heroes of the game and the most essential piece of the gameplay. Without it, one cannot participate with Arcus’ events.
Players will have to train their chosen heroes with weapons and hone their skills to complete on a tournament level.

Arcusian ethers will add elemental effect on the gameplay. These cute pets will accompany their warriors in every battle and provide assistance in every fight as they aim to defeat their enemies.

Bows will be the main weapon for each character. Each type of bows resembles different attributes which could either hinder you or enhance you during a battle. Weapons must be chosen carefully and it is a good practice to align your bow attributes to your strategy.

Arcus partnership with CoinEx Smart Chain will provide more exposure and development for both projects. Marketing of Arcus on CSC chain will be a priority and will invite great interaction for social media as well as other events of Arcus on CoinEx Smart Chain such as but not limited to AMAs, giveaways, airdrops and other promotions. CoinEx token (CET) will also be used to purchase for the NFT presale. Arcus will also receive a $30,000 grant from CoinEx Smart Chain Foundation’s Supportive Plan as it envisions for a brighter and better gaming experience for all of its players around the globe.

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