Are crypto gaming guilds the future of play to earn (P2E)?

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Crypto gaming guilds have continued to be an effective way for prospective investors and players to learn more about the P2E industry as a whole.

After the release of Axie Infinity, crypto gaming guilds had a surge in popularity. Since then, there has been an increase in various guilds within the industry. This makes it possible for aspiring P2E players to enjoy crypto gaming while taking on only a fraction of the usual risk.

So that you would be able to comprehend this topic, you have to learn the important facts about crypto gaming guild and how it works first!

What are crypto gaming guilds?

Crypto gaming guilds are organizations made up of investors and gamers. Through these guilds, gamers are given in-game assets such as land, characters, or other items so they can enter the P2E game and collect tokens or other rewards through playing.

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The yields generated inside the game ecosystems result in earnings for both the players and the guild. Crypto gaming guilds allow gamers to participate in NFT games without putting up any initial capital.

Railings University — a huge crypto gaming guild managed by Play It Forward DAO have helped change the lives of more than 3000 scholars across Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines. See the inspiring testimonials from some of our gaming scholars here.

Crypto gaming guilds compared to traditional gaming guilds

Traditional gaming guilds, often known as clans, are centralized organizations owned by a small number of individuals. The guilds seek out more seasoned players to hone their skills and improve their performance in the various tournaments.

As members of the guild begin to perform exceptionally well in competitions, the guild will seek sponsorships to gain a portion of the players’ winnings. The scope of traditional guilds is confined to a single game, and they disband once player interest in that game begins to wane.

Like traditional guilds, crypto gaming guilds place a significant emphasis on achievements and overall performance and activity. Crypto gaming guilds lend NFTs and other assets to players, and they make sure that gamers don’t just play one game.

Crypto gaming guilds also contribute to the more significant social benefit of the gaming space. People living in underdeveloped nations or who come from economically disadvantaged families can now have the opportunity to play video games and work their way up to a position of financial independence by renting NFTs required for playing P2E games.

Discover the 4 Major Benefits of Joining a Crypto Gaming Guild to enlighten you more about it further.

Why joining a guild might be the best idea

For anyone interested in getting involved in the P2E industry, crypto gaming guilds can be the greatest entry point. There are a number of features and characteristics of gaming guilds that make them the most appealing choice for gamers and investors. Check some of them out below:

Guild members can have a voice

In crypto gaming guilds, everyone shares the objective of determining which initiatives will yield the best results. That is because anyone can have a voice on the platform’s path. Even if you do not stake tokens, you can still have a voice as a guild player.

Participating in a guild may be quite beneficial for a number of reasons, but one of the most important is the chance to do research that can lead to the discovery of new gaming projects.

For instance, in the Discord server of Railings University guild, there is a specific channel where players can suggest new or popular P2E games.

Game researchers within RU will assess these games’ playability, tokenomics, profitability, and legitimacy. Once they analyzed the game you suggested and concluded that it is legit and profitable, it will become available on the guild for you to apply for as a scholar.

A transparent model that drives value back to investors

Through what is known as a scholarship program, many guilds lend their NFTs to players who do not have the initial money necessary to join P2E games. Some guilds have managers who own the NFTs, which are lent to players.

After that, the players, managers, and guild all share the earnings that were made by playing the game. Due to this, students have the chance to earn income at no cost to them. On the other hand, managers and guilds can take a share of the game earnings without having to play.

In addition, experienced players can earn money through guilds by acting as mentors to new scholars and instructing them in ways and strategies that would help them succeed in playing.

The guild’s share of the scholarship earnings is often distributed back to the token holders. In addition, a large number of guilds are currently purchasing non-active assets in the Metaverse that have the potential to increase their worth to investors.

Everyone can have a say on the guild’s changes or updates

The purpose of crypto gaming guilds is almost the same as that of DAOs. When someone is a guild member and possesses its native token, the guild may award them governance powers and the ability to vote on various choices.

As with the case of Railings University, it is operated and managed under Play It Forward DAO. Although RU does not have a native token, members of the guild can still invest in the $PIF token to get governance powers and voting ability when it comes to changes and updates within PIF DAO and RU.

Since P2E games are expanding in both scope and complexity, crypto gaming guilds will almost certainly grow in tandem with these trends.

Soon, the next generation of P2E games will go live, featuring the likes of Mirror World, Star Atlas, and Illuvium. Each of these games is expected to unlock various options for players and investors, both within and outside guilds.

The blockchain gaming projects being developed today may eventually become a significant building component of the Metaverse. If this occurs, investors may be in for remarkable gains.

Thus, the future of the play-to-earn economy seems bright. If this continues to be the case, it should come as no surprise that crypto gaming guilds will serve as entry points to the economies of the future. However, take note that crypto gaming guilds are still in the early stages of development.

Nevertheless, even though P2E games and crypto gaming guilds are still in the infant stages of their development, their popularity is growing by the minute. Since the GameFi market and crypto gaming guilds are still in their infancy, all we can do is sit tight and watch to see what the future holds for the blockchain industry as a whole.


Investors and players can gain exposure to the P2E market through crypto gaming guilds such as Railings University. The communities centered around crypto gaming guilds act as a central hub for gamers and investors of all skill levels. Not only will participants have the opportunity to get scholarships, but they can also support projects.

Crypto gaming guilds are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to gain access to P2E, and this trend is expected to continue. Joining a gaming guild could provide you with a fantastic opportunity to increase your profits.

The number of people participating in play-to-earn games is expected to continue growing, which will lead to an increase in the creation of metaverses and a succeeding expansion of the crypto gaming sector

Become a part of a crypto gaming guild

Are you interested in becoming a part of a crypto gaming guild? You are always welcome to join Railings University and Play It Forward DAO! Whether you want to be a gamer or an investor, we have a space for you. Check out how you can become a part of our crypto gaming guild below:

Enter as a Railings University gamer

Become a gamer of Railings University, the first guild under Play It Forward DAO for a chance to play unlimited P2E games. Railings University currently gives out scholarships for P2E games like Axie Infinity, Blockchain Monster Hunt, Pegaxy, MetaGear, and Cyball. More games will be available soon.

You can also watch P2E tutorials and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with our game partners on our Youtube channel. Visit Railings University’s Facebook page to learn more about the guild and meet our streamers who are also gamers of RU.

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Do you want to enter the world of GameFi but are not fond of playing games? You can still become a part of this lucrative industry by becoming a PIF token holder. Start your journey as a $PIF token investor by joining Play It Forward DAO’s Telegram and Discord channels.

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