Ascension Ecoverse Project Introduction

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Ascension Ecoverse is a revolutionary P2E project where every action a player takes impacts the Ecoverse as a whole.

The Breakdown:

The Ascension Ecoverse game will be a real-time strategy game hosted on the Polygon blockchain, where the main player actions will consist of harvesting resources and using them to craft items. Each player will start on their Island, which will act as a home base. From there, players can gather renewable and non-renewable resources on their islands and use them to craft in-game items or sell them to receive the in-game currency, $ASCN, in return. Plus, the use of the Polygon blockchain allows each individual resource and item to be tokenized as an NFT, which can then be sold or traded to other players! All of these actions are balanced by using a self-sustaining, autonomous economy that prevents the $ASCN token from becoming too inflationary, ensuring that the rewards are worthwhile for players. Resources and materials will start off basic in the beginning, and as players progress throughout the game, they’ll be able to craft more complex items and harvest different resources, just like the real world. In essence, you harvest resources, and then use them in various ways to make money. Still following?

This is where it gets interesting. Every action that a player takes impacts a unique game mechanic called the World Pollution Bar (WPB). Harvesting resources, along with any other activity that is bad for the environment, will cause the WPB to rise. Environmentally friendly actions will cause a reduction in the level of the WPB. This results in two occurrences: a game environment that is constantly shifting, and a constant internal battle of player desires. As the World Pollution Bar rises and falls, it constantly reshapes the game environment. A rising WPB can mean an increase in natural disasters, higher temperatures, and less fertile soil for crops, with a falling WPB returning the game closer to its starting point. As a result, players will have to face a constant internal dilemma between destroying the climate for quick profit or long-term sustainability with less profit.

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Plus, this is only the beginning. The Ascension Ecoverse has multiple planned updates (6 to be precise!) that will add additional facets to the game each time, until we’ve completed our Journey to Ascension.

But wait, does that mean that Ascension Ecoverse is ready to be played?

In short, no, not currently. The Ascension Ecoverse game is still in development, with the Alpha version slated to be released on November 4th of 2022. Currently, the goal of the team is to launch the necessary supporting products for the game, the $ASCN token and the Ascension Island NFTs, all while developing the Alpha version of the game to provide a use case for our products. More details on the release dates for the $ASCN token and NFTs will be coming soon.

If the Ascension Ecoverse project interests you, then we recommend joining our Discord community and following our other social media channels, all of which are linked below!

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