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BFG-verse MetaCity

In the future, we want to create a virtual space that will be an addition to the platform games, as well as a place of leisure and monetization.

In BFG-verse Meta City you can:

💥 communicate or trade
💥 buy and upgrade your NFT for all games on the platform
💥 get new quests
💥 compete for rewards
🌟 and much more

🤩Also, players will be able to use their existing in-game NFT skins as avatars in MetaCity.

💰BFG-verse Meta City has tokenized lands and buildings which allow everyone to own part of the game world. It is a 3D virtual space consisting of the lands which are NFT tokens. They can be purchased on INO or using $BFG on marketplaces.

🔥The BFG team is eager to develop a game world where everyone can enjoy their life in a virtual world that is on the edge of gaming and social networks.

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