Biswap Anniversary Starfall! | 1 000 BSW for Airdrop in TG Chat!

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Meet Grand Anniversary Airdrop in Telegram Chat in honor of Biswap Birthday!

📆 When: May 24
Duration: 24 hours
📍 Where: Biswap TG Chat

A year with Biswap flew by in one instant! We all have something to remember and tell about our unforgettable experience on Biswap.

Do you remember your first swap on Biswap? Or the most profitable farming pair? Maybe you once won a lottery or any other Biswap competition?

Join Daily Airdrop

You definitely have your own special story with Biswap. So share it with others and win BSW!

Join Anniversary Airdrop and receive rewards in BSW by sharing stories about Biswap:

💰 Prize pool: 1 000 BSW
🥳 Winners: 100

Follow simple conditions to win BSW:

1️⃣ Follow Biswap Announcement & TG Chat.
2️⃣ Place Robi Avatar on your Telegram profile.
3️⃣Send a message to TG Chat with BEP-20 wallet, #BiswapAnniversary and your memory about the past year with Biswap.
4️⃣ Fill out the form.

Airdrop form:

📍Winners will be selected randomly among users that fulfill all the conditions.
📍Rewards distribution will be realized by the CCtip bot.
Withdrawal guide here.
📍Biswap team will announce winners and distribute rewards till May 27.

✨ Biswap Team accepts all memories about Biswap for 24 hours from the moment of announcement. We respect and take into account the internationality of our beloved community!

Tell most precious moments on Biswap and receive one more! Become a lucky Airdrop winner!

Follow the Biswap Social Media:
📢 Telegram Channel:
💬 Telegram Chat:
🕊 Twitter:
💻 YouTube:
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Join Local Biswap Communities:
🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat:
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