Biswap B-Day BSW Presents | Split 100 000 BSW!

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Join us for the biggest celebration of the year — Biswap Anniversary! Many exciting events are already here, and more are coming! So enjoy the fun and B-day adventures!

📆 Duration: May 24 — June 7
🏆 Total Prize Pool: 100 000 BSW
💰 Daily Prize Pool: 7 145 BSW daily
👥 Participants: 5 000 per day

Biswap team would love to see your active participation. Become one of the winners to receive a daily gift!

How to Participate?

Simple steps to win BSW:

Join Daily Airdrop

1️⃣ Connect your BEP-20 wallet to
2️⃣ Click the ‘GO’ button in the BSW Presents section.
3️⃣ Wait for a pop-up to notify you about your win.
4️⃣ Withdraw BSW rewards from the Biswap Intergalactic Trading Competition balance or try your luck again on the next day.

Tell your friends about Biswap Anniversary Space Party and try your luck to obtain BSW presents together!

Probability of Getting a Certain Reward

Take a look at your chances of receiving a gift in honour of the Biswap Anniversary celebration:

1653413556 664 Biswap B Day BSW Presents Split 100 000 BSW

Terms & Conditions:

  • Have a minimum of 20 BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool to participate in the event.
  • There is a total limit of 5 000 attempts per day for the complete number of users.
  • One BEP-20 wallet can participate in the event once per day.
  • The timer on the event’s main page will notify you when the attempt can be repeated.
  • Users can participate in sharing on Twitter or Telegram. You can either share about the event or tell everyone about your BSW win. Once you win BSW, you can tell your friends about it on social media. By sharing your win, you might become a winner of Biswap Sharing Season on Twitter only.

Visit and try your luck!

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