Biswap x Ultiverse Strategic Collaboration

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Let us present our new strategic partner — Ultiverse! You can expect a wide range of opportunities and unique offers from our stunning collaboration! Keep on reading to reveal a great upcoming possibility and explore more about Biswap integration that will bring you exciting adventures in MetaFi!

To start, let’s look closer at the unique Ultiverse project!

Ultiverse is building a social gaming metaverse that combines Web3 with an immersive VR-compatible virtual world that will be home to the first AAA game on the blockchain. With a development team of over 200 individuals, Ultiverse strives to become the first-of-its-kind MetaFi where players are incentivized to create and contribute to the community in order to obtain lucrative rewards.

It’s hard to underestimate the potential of this great project! Look at the grounds:

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The Project Raised $9.5 million from Global Investors:

  • Sequoia
  • Binance Labs
  • DeFiance Capital
  • Three Arrows Capital

Ultiverse Terminus | Real-Time On-Chain City!

One of the core products of Ultiverse is Terminus, a decentralized virtual metaverse platform built on BNB Chain using Unreal Engine 5. In simple words, Terminus is like the city that you are based in right now. Terminus has land that is used for residences, public buildings, economic infrastructures we see in DeFi, as well as entertainment options, NFT galleries, marketplaces, and more. Ultiverse empowers users to create their own experiences and various aspects of the social environment where people can interact with each other.

Learn more about Ultiverse and its main products in the article below:

Biswap Integration into Terminus | The 1st DeFi Bank

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1654267351 555 Biswap x Ultiverse Strategic Collaboration

You will probably ask: What is a civilized city without a bank? Biswap will fill in the gaps! Ultiverse will have Biswap DEX integrated into Terminus city as the first DeFi Bank. Super exciting, right?

With this integration, users will be able to exchange with the lowest trading fee of 0.1%, add liquidity, and stake in Farms via the Biswap DEX in Terminus! The swap option is planned for release in Q3 so get ready!

Find Biswap DeFi Bank here:

Just a Simple Example:

In Terminus, users will be able to enter the Bank and start a dialogue with a swap cashier and either choose the BNB token or another token to make a transaction with their connected wallet.

Electric Sheep PFP NFT | Your Unique Terminus Avatar

Electric Sheep is the genesis PFP NFT collection of Ultiverse, featuring 10,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs consisting of up to 12 traits. The collection will function as the VIP access pass to the Ultiverse supporter club — only Electric Sheep holders can participate in the early rounds of product testing in the Ultiverse, including Terminus and all gaming experiences to be released in the future.

In addition, holders of Electric Sheep will have exclusive access to a wide range of utilities and benefits including a matching 1/1 3D Avatar NFT in Terminus, Land Deed airdrops and token airdrops.

The Lead Designer of Electric Sheep is Jing Laing, known for her exceptional work as a designer on Elden Ring and the collection also features collaborations with famed Disney Artists from “The Lion King”, “Mulan”, and “Beauty and Beast” in Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft.

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About Ultiverse

Ultiverse is building the social gaming metaverse that connects Web3 with an immersive fully VR compatible virtual world with AAA quality. By empowering players of various economic abilities to build mutually beneficial relationships, Ultiverse is aimed at creating a first-of-its-kind MetaFi.

Website| Twitter | Electric Sheep NFT | Discord

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