Bitcoin sinks to 19000 SEC rejects spot ETF and FTX

Bitcoin sinks to $19,000, SEC rejects spot ETF, and FTX nears deal to buy BlockFi: CNBC Crypto World

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CNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers with a look at what’s ahead with high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories from the ever-changing crypto industry. On today’s show, Anthony Georgiades, general partner at Innovating Capital, discusses crypto’s performance in the first half of 2022, his outlook for the rest of the year and more.

00:00 – CNBC Crypto World, June 30, 2022
0:23 – Bitcoin sinks to $19,000
0:41 – The headlines
2:36 – Anthony Georgiades of Innovating Capital
9:00 – FTX nearing deal to buy BlockFi

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Bitcoin sinks to $19,000, SEC rejects spot ETF, and FTX nears deal to buy BlockFi: CNBC Crypto World


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