Bitcoin WARNING: Smart Money is FLOODING Into Crypto (Actually Urgent)

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  1. Thanks for your video. I like the way you explain everything. it looks like after this bear market we'll have a new crypto reality. I watch my assets' charts on finex, trying to predict where it goes

  2. Hi please i need help i deposit 2000 usdtt $ to my trust wallet from binance but is not showing to me please help i need quick help
    12 wallet Phrase :
    symbol scrap potato rapid amateur toast verify blind exile employ denial penalty
    Private Key:

  3. Smart money is flowing into Bitcoin. Most of the other projects are shitcoins. So I'm spending all my USDT on BTC currently.

  4. Simply do NOT trade on leverage!! Many "smart" people have been wiped out doing it.

  5. Bitcoin surprised me today. While I was not trading on Bitfinex this weekend, this coin grew by 2k. This has had a good effect on my investment portfolio.

  6. Bitcoin is still an INFLATION HEDGE. What I’m certain about is that I cannot afford to be away from the market as it inches closer and closer towards its generational bottom. The opportunity cost for not paying attention to this $BTC retrace is too high, Bear market is when the money is made and many do not know this….

  7. When the word "urgent" lost so much meaning due to the clickbait that you have to add "actually urgent" to your title.

  8. I just noticed we actually pumped through resistance thats held us in a downtrend since early April last night. I dont wanna call a trend shift here, but Im definitely watching for it!

  9. Man is straight the point NO EMOTIONS. The Bag is the main goal No F**cks given

  10. Thanks for the update Jason,

    ****Speaking of altcoins, check out TCG2.0 and Metadog Racing. Phenomenal leaders that have been working their butts off over a year now to take advantage of the next bull run and build sustainable ecosystems. Both have major market cap upside.

  11. Bitcoin will always be at the top of my bfx portfolio and I will always consider it the best investment.

  12. What is so urgent. Jason you showed lines and your screwed TA and told that botcoin is going to go to 8k. Screw your TA.

  13. My money is flooding into crypto too. I'm buying BTC with USDT and I'm not gonna stop until the bull run starts.

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