Blockchain Gambling That Works: PulsePot Launches Gaming on BNB Oct 10

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PulsePot Launches Gaming On Oct 10 On BNB Chain
  1. The minimum value to enter a pot is 1 USD.
    2. A player’s winning chance is proportional to their entered value.
    3. A pot goes live when 2 unique addresses enter with value greater than 1 USD.
    4. Each pot has a countdown timer of 5 minutes after going live, then the winner will be calculated.
    5. An unlimited number of players can enter within the 5 minute window.
    6. An unlimited amount of value can be entered into the pot.
    7. Each player can make an unlimited number of entries into the same pot.
    8. Only whitelisted tokens are accepted into the pot.
    9. All token prices are updated every 5 minutes.
    10. The Pot fee is 1.5% to 3% of the total value.
    11. BNBP holders have a reduced fee.
    12. The fee is deducted from the token entered with the largest collective value.
    13. All value that is entered into the Pot will be distributed out of the contract within 5 minutes.
    14. The fees will be collected and held for distribution, lottery or buy and burn.
    15. Players can connect their wallet directly or execute a manual transaction with the contract to enter.
    16. To ensure total randomness the winner is calculated with a value based on several unique and unpredictable factors including the hash of the next block.
    17. The contract will deny any transaction using a token that is not whitelisted.

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1664678447 292 Blockchain Gambling That Works PulsePot Launches Gaming on BNB Oct
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1664678448 639 Blockchain Gambling That Works PulsePot Launches Gaming on BNB Oct
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