BREAKING NEWS: Do Kwon's $40 Billion PONZI FRAUD! Should I Buy LUNA? Terra LUNA News Today

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  1. Should have been USDT to crash but they changed it to UST because it was an Algorithmic coin….. sneaky move by the wall Street manipulators…..hope some of these get some serious jail time…

  2. i bought some luna because of the simple fact with this much pressure on someone , its impossible not to do something, if this project were to completely crash and go away who would hire any of these people from the luna organization, absolutely no one, so i believe they have to save luna to save themselves,

  3. Thank you so much for your honest review. I completely agree with you, Do Kwon posture was inappropriate and obnoxious, he was laughing from the misery he caused at investors. Disgusting behavier indeed.

    Congrats from Lisbon, Portugal.

  4. Luna is dead

    I get some of you have bought on the cash and hoping for bigger things

    It's not happening

    It is obvious Do Kwon had something to do with this, seems well thought out and planned

    With the recent findings in the court reports about him dissolving the business prior to the hack, we all know something fishy has happened

  5. #Burnluna, Kwon's first stablecoin (Basis Cash) failed. You have to fix your F up this time. No one is going to trust you if you keep abandoning projects. #LUNAtics

  6. With luna totally crashed to 0,000007, it pumped and dropped 2 zeroes, to 0,00036 …so what caused this pump? The person responsible for the crash, bought back at 0,000007 ?

  7. There are only impractical reasons to buy LUNA. One is the high reward possibility, however unlikely it may be. You can buy 1,000,000 LUNA for less than $110.00. Millions of folks have spent much more than that on lottery tickets.

  8. They should just burn the current supply back to $1 Billion and let people make their money back. No one wants the fork!

  9. everyone is naive thinking that do kwon is the only person behind the dropped of luna. it was binance ftx and the rest of exchanges are the real criminal. they found a weakness on luna and shorted it. binance is the king ponzi and good at manipulating people. they are the market maker. pumping btc without volume just to hit everyone's stoploss or liquidation. they pretend that they are protecting their people but in reality they are the real criminal behind every coins pump and dump

  10. Please atop making uninformed statements. Those who bought after the crash will also receive the new token

  11. Guys there’s a promotion. And reason why people like him that barely does any research is because of the 50/50 split, ads etc do not let people like him fool u

  12. I bought in after the crash, where I have no real stake in the coin and only bought in as a means to potential make a nice profit off of. With that said, as I did more research, I feel like the coin itself isn't the problem (sure, the creator may have used the coin as a ponzi scheme and what not), but the creator himself is the problem. I could see a potential where someone steps in and takes over, essentially fixing the issues Do Kwon caused and bringing the coin and its ecosystem back to life, in turn also helping past investors who lost nearly everything because of Do Kwon's actions. Does this mean I believe it'll recover? Not really, I'm in the mindset that it can go either way and either completely crash and die or get fixed and return to previous values. Because of this, I do not see 2.0 having any means to survive since most investors past and present aren't going to trust anything DK does.

  13. Bruh, imagine investing USDT in this shit. It's almost like peeps wanted to get rekt

  14. Personly I cant see anything happening with this coin any time soon, i did buy ….(THE JOKE) as I call it and not the DIP as really it was a joke to buy when it fell. got $30 AUSD and will let it sit there just incase some idiot like Musk tweets the word and it sky rockets.. thats about it

  15. I need to be around when the next stable corn disconnects so I can buy the bottom ..

  16. I'm sorry we are all aware of the risks that come with playing in this unregulated space. Unregulated stable coins is whole different animal.

  17. I fail to see how any amount of research would have made any difference.

  18. Don qwack qwack Cwon I m o.b.s.merchant The guy is a criminal.liar thief from.the beginning he is laughing .not sorry or heartbroken at all needs to be arrested .

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