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A breaking news update on my Batch 4 Nebra Order from Parley Labs, placed on March 31, 2021 – my refund was processed and confirmed today! A bittersweet end to the Nebra/Parley Helium Hotspot saga…

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  1. im glad you got your refund! they have been denying my refund since august! due to me paying in bitcoin. i even told them i would accept any form of payment other than bitcoin. but they continue to deny my refund. aaron shaw the ceo would publicly tell everyone on discord that nebra honors all refunds including crypto payments…but its just lies after lies

  2. Hello .. i send an email to parley and got a date for Apr15 so do expect a phone call from them on that date and time ? is that how it works ? thanks

  3. Hello there, I ordered my NEBRAS through direct website about one year ago as well. I requested refund about 2 weeks ago but so far no response whatsoever about it. Can you give any recommendation that can help in the process of getting money back from them? And Congratulations on your refund! 🙂

  4. I'm in batch 4, ordered 4th April 2021, ordered a bobcat a week later, bobcat arrived mid June 2021, 181 HNT earned to date. still waiting for nebra to arrive 11 months later. They have held money and cost people thousands of dollars in potential hnt earnings.

  5. I got refund from Parla Lab that I didn't ask for. I prefer to have a miner, even just one. As less they gave something back. Nabra nothing and still waiting 🤷

  6. What was your order number? I’m disappointed in Parley Labs for not updating more often with their emails. It’s been months since they started the blanket refund. I am batch 4 as well.

  7. good for you man . took way too long . i got my refund from rak . it feels good !

  8. I ordered in April directly from Nebra. Are they ever gonna make and shup them or is it all bs? It has been nearly a year for me as well.

  9. Hi Adam, our miners from the UK still haven't arrived. This was a total disaster. We didn't opt for the refund.

  10. Thank you show much for putting this out there. 3 more weeks until a full year has passed since placing my Nebras.

  11. I ordered 9 miners from Nebra in March 2021 and by October I had zero delivered. I contacted Nebra customer service over 5 times without any reply. I sent an email to the CEO, CFO, and California Attorney General's Office requesting an immediate refund or I was going to have Parley Labs investigated for fraud. The CFO reached out to me directly the same day and sent me a PayPal refund immediately. What is sad is I had to use the power of the CA AG's office to get my refund. I'm glad you finally got your refund, but it shouldn't have taken this long.
    Note: I had 21 miners ordered from various providers and only kept one from LinxDot. So glad I sold the others I received for $1500 – $2000 each…made more money reselling than mining.

  12. If anyone has issue with parley labs, you can contact your credit card company and make them revise the charges. However, you must talk to a senior advisor and make sure you tell them that parley labs keep changing the date and by the time you realizes that they weren’t going to ship it. It has already been almost a year.

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