BREAKING Terra Luna Classic 1 PUMP IS POSSIBLE Crypto

BREAKING – Terra Luna Classic $1 PUMP IS POSSIBLE! Crypto News Update

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BREAKING – Terra Luna Classic $1 PUMP IS POSSIBLE! Crypto News Update

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  1. Alexander Ethan

    Ich habe aufgrund des aktuellen Einbruchs eine ziemlich große Menge an BTC-Investitionen verloren, ich suche nur nach einer Möglichkeit, mich von einem so massiven Ausverkauf zu erholen.

  2. $1 don't think 0.001 or 0.003 possible

  3. it is not going to 1$ after losing 15k after first buying after the 90% drop at around 10$ then buying the new drop of 1$ then the new drop of .10 then the new drop of .01 and being down 15k in 3 days i said wow wtf nothing to buy with unless i transfer some of the one coin i have 25k in . But then luna started doing the absolute major drop and while watching chart for few hours . i see .0001 then .00001 then .000001 so i cancel'd my order of 3k usd in another exchange that i had on another coin that stopped trading luna . Transfered usdt to kucoin in 4 minutes and then i see before my eyes .0000008 and then .0000007 so i do a buy order at .0000007 of 3k and now have 4,285,000,000 4.285 Billion Luna Classic. then after my buy i see .0000006 on kucoin thinking damn here we go ill lose this 3k too after losing 15k and thats after losing 80k in crypto since 2017 which was after losing 90k in stocks since 2015 . So u can assume how fcking bad of luck i have. But then .0000006 was the low and i woke up next morning to seeing .0001 but was slowly going up to .00048 and then started going down so i sold all at .00041 average for 1.75 million then .0003 came then .0002 then .00009 averaged back in at .000085 and now have 20.6 Billion luna classic. If i never would of bought in at near absolute bottom and used 3k to buy now id only have around 30 million luna instead. I can garanteeeeeee luna wont see but .001 max this year. Cause im not that freaking lucky to where ill make 200 million at .01. But it is nice to give a big F U on my bad luck all the sudden for a last minute gut feeling to cancel a order in other exchange and hurry and buy luna at right time.

  4. How do I vote, the link is v2

  5. What a joke

  6. So at a rate of 2 billion a day to burn it will take 6yrs, lol

  7. Lol, so luna will be worth 6.5 trillion dollars, dream on

  8. Baconator Rodriguez

    People stopping pimping crap stocks and crypto might also be possible but not likely.

  9. TheEndWillNeverCome

    Will never happen. Many became millionairs, but even now it's just news and rumours, and more news. But not any signifikant has happend, just wishful thinking. Dont spend a dime you can't afford to lose. And keep greadiness long way from your thoughts.

  10. Sounds like another BS

  11. Kevin Kirchner

    nice video please what is the best way to start cryptocurrency investments and get good profits. I've been doing my own research for a while now and still don't know where to start…

  12. Muhitdin Aktas

    Lunac is a virtual scammer, there is no one sane person to prove that he is not, there is no comment, it's always manipulation, it's being burned, nothing will start to burn, there is no clear, reliable comment, shame on these platforms

  13. Watched this whole video today… excellent presentation! Thank You for taking time to do this!! Maybe You also know about the $TIME token of the Chrono tech ecosystem? It would be wonderful to know your opinion whether it will return to $400 at all…

  14. Алексей Ш

    There is no proposal 3568 on Terra station. Why you are confusing everyone

  15. FOR THOSE NOT FINDING THE PAGE, I was able to find in in the terra station wallet, changing the network to classic and then going to the governance tab. It is a piece of crap because it will deter people from reaching the page, but there it is..

  16. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    you need at least 40%, its currently at 5% and 4 more days to go…….


    Is there any way to get this fool BANNED OFF YOUTUBE

  18. what platform can i buy this ?? webull and coinbase doesnt allow me to buy .. 😔 😪 😞

  19. Arnold Pablico

    Im waiting fro the punchline 😅

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  21. Lets Goooo guys❤️🙏🏼 Lets get Lunc to $1!!!!