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Sui global is the promotion arm of the Sui Ecosystem which I stated in my previous article continues to grow each month.

Sui Global’s stated mission is to improve everyone’s interaction with everyone in the Sui Ecosystem: users to users, users to projects and projects to projects.

They also have a stated goal which is to provide users around the world with all important information about the projects being built at Sui in one place.

In order to achieve their stated mission and goal they have provided several social media platforms that will allow them to communicate with the supporters and developers of the various projects in the Sui ecosystem. Their main platforms for promoting the SUI ecosystem Discord, Medium and Twitter.

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Their Discord channel was launched in September and now boosts of more than 113 Thousand members worldwide.

There Twitter channel is doing even better with over 150 thousand followers.

They also have nearly 18 thousand subscribers on their Medium page as well.

In keeping with their stated mission and goal to build a strong and interactive community to promote and build the ever growing Sui ecosystem, Sui Global teamed up with Crew3 to create the Sui Global Crew3 Hunter program. This program challenges supporters of the Sui ecosystem to complete various social media, referral, entertainment, event and activity quests and quizzes to earn XP points that would translate in various rewards and roles in the projects Discord groups.
For example, the top roles you can earn in the Sui global Discord group are Crew3 Hunter, Crew3 Hunter Champion and OG.

There decision to launch this program has been highly successful and is being used by multiple Sui blockchain developers to build community support for their new projects. Sui Global is continually expanding thier Crew3 Hunter program to showcase and promote the new projects that have been launched on the Sui ecosystem.

7 projects participated in Sui Global Season 1:
Talofa games, Ethos Wallet, Suiet Wallet, MovEX, Peeranha, Cyborgs

9 additional projects joined in Season 2:
Suiswap, Clutchy, KriyaDEX, Glass Wallet, Morphis Wallet, Araya Finance, Occult, Akashi, Suiriken ninjas dojo

Season 3 of their Crew3 Hunter program was announced on there Twitter feed on January 8th.

In there November 15th Medium article they made and exciting announcement; and that was that they plan to release their own NFT collection. The only news that they have released about this coming NFT collection is that it will have real utility. They have also said that those Discord members in their Alpha community will be whitelisted to buy them when they are released.

This raises the obvious question: What is the Alpha community? The Alpha community are those Sui Global supporters who have earned a top 10 position in the Sui Global Crew3 Quest leadership board.

Additional benefits of being in the Alpha community

1. Access to a private chat room;
2. Insights on Sui projects;
3. High-value roles and WL from our partners;
4. Recommendation from Sui Global for employment;
5. Receiving any assistance from the Sui Global team.

Those with the Crew3 Hunter role are also given 500 opportunities to earn a WL spot by completing their partners crew3 quests.

I hope you found my articles on Sui and Sui Global informative, if so please do me the honour of sharing these articles on your own social media platforms and channels. Thank you!!

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