Cawthorn Investigated For Crypto Fraud And Relationship With Staffer

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Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for alleged involvement in cryptocurrency and a potential improper relationship. Cawthorn’s office has responded to the allegations saying that he was “falsely accused by partisan adversaries for political gain.” 

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  1. Why is it that when the GOP gets caught lying or doing something wrong it's always "political gains"?

  2. “…prove that Congressman Cawthorn committed no wrongdoing…”: Well wouldn’t that be a first! In his one year in college, he was molesting girls on campus. From the get-go he was elected to congress he was lying, misleading, manipulating, deflecting, and conspiring with whomever to gain or secure power! And remember that this is the same guy, that lied about pretty much everything in his life; so much that even his parents are distancing from him! But I am sure, “that he was falsely accused by partisan adversaries…”.

  3. He's pretty they will love him in federal prison. He'll probably go for a whole pack of smokes.

  4. Cawthorn is just trying to emulate his idol, tRump, by proving that there is no level too deep for him to sink!

  5. The little man, who can’t keep up with IDIOTS in Washington. MORE TAXPAYING $$ WASTED. WTF?

  6. Just another Republican thinking that they are above the Law, they're not. They currently hold the record for members of a Party being charged, convicted and locked up care of the saga of Nixon and Watergate. That's not going to be even close to where it ends up when they finally finish with both Trump's family and the Domestic Terrorist Attack on the Capital Building on January 6th 2021 that was INSTIGATED by FORMER President Donald J Trump.

  7. Just another turd dressed up like something but you know what it is, over due to be flushed, let's make sure Trump is next, manure by any name

  8. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 20days.

  9. If you voted for him you should be ashamed. Hopefully you will have learned something about voting Republican but I doubt it.

  10. This is the 2022 GOP. Formerly the party of personal responsibility. Now? Just a criminal enterprise.

  11. Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy I've been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 14days.

  12. He’s a spoiled child! Glad he’s not in office anymore. Vote Blue in 22! 💙💙💙

  13. If the committee proves that Madison has done what is being alleged, then what? Will he be held accountable? NO; which means this investigation is pointless!

  14. These guys can't go a full sentence without saying bs buzzwords like patriot 😆

  15. What a stupid dumb “kid”. Guy didn’t even last two years and already getting busted for crimes.

  16. Elect clowns and get a circus with the sideshows that comes with the territory.

  17. Can't the Republican Party expel him from the Party so in the future he can't run again.

  18. Yeah, ok with the crypto thing… but they probably should butt out on his relationship with the aid. The other guy was not a minor, and I believe they had known each other prior to him being elected.

    It is not like the Monica Lewinsky affair. Just let it alone.

  19. It looks like the Republicans have decided to Court Martial him and when the guilty verdict is spoken he'll be taken out the back and put against the nearest wall and shot. Just to make sure he never comes back into politics. He should have kept his dumb big mouth shut about the orgies..

  20. I want someone to tell us why he wasn't charged the way the rest of us would've been had we tried to get on a plane with a weapon-TWICE!

  21. So not long ago this guy claims politicians from both sides of the isle participate regularly in large orgies… now he’s suddenly being investigated…

  22. What's the bet he's found taking a big sleep in the not too distant future?

  23. Madison is guilty as sin. The people of his state elected a crook and crazy kid. Hope they will pick someone who is not going to embrass them.

  24. It’s really funny to me how the same people that followed Trump down the rabbit hole react like this when it’s their butts ?falsely accused? of wrongdoing

  25. Cawthorn investigated for a misdemeanor version of what Hunter Biden did. Interesting.

  26. can u please not feed his crappie celebrity status by covering his moriodic hijinks after he is out of office?

  27. I sure wish Republican establishment would keep this same energy with with the insurrectionists and white supremacists in their midst. Their tolerance of that behavior is glaring compared to how they've handled Cawthorn. The more harsh their retaliation of Cawthorn, the more I think he was telling the truth.

  28. But apparently coups don’t warrant investigations from the grand ole party.

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