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CloudCoin is the first fully-decentralized, fully private digital asset with ZERO fees, INSTANT transaction time, that is built on the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). CloudCoin is not assembled on blockchain, and therefore has no record of all transactions sent and received. It can be stored online or offline in a wallet, in a JPEG, PDF, Stack File, and can be transferred via email, SMS, Cloud-transfer, or even on paper. CloudCoin is a theoretically “perfect” global currency that is tamper-proof, fraud-proof, and recoverable if lost or stolen. CloudCoin is quantum-safe. Each CloudCoin consists of 3,200 bits of secret data that changes when the coin is transferred, so that no CloudCoins may be double-spent. With a starting fixed supply of 16,777,216 coins, CloudCoin is scalable as the value grows. The RAIDA Admins have the authority to vote to split coins (like stocks), creating a copy of all coins, belonging to the owners of each coin to ensure equal distribution, with new coins receiving a new serial number. This exists in order to sustain a sensible denomination for real-world transactions. There is no inflation to the supply, and no deflation to the supply. CloudCoin is intended to be the first digital currency that is able to be used as real-world money. CloudCoin is environmentally-friendly, and the entire network runs on the equivalent electrical consumption of a handful of Tesla Superchargers.


Name: CloudCoin
Symbol: cc

Total supply: 16777216
Max supply: 0


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