1659832035 Constant Contests in Chat amp Earn

Constant Contests in Chat & Earn


Chat&Earn is a vast ecosystem that offers an opportunity to people all around the world to earn by doing their everyday routine Chatting about different preferred subjects.

The everyday team will drop new & exciting subjects, from discussing upcoming crypto projects to Global news or sports events.

To start earning, the users must have at least one hyper board on their wallet, stake it in their cabinet on our website & link their telegram username to the account. The basic level account can earn by sending up to 50 messages per day.

We are aiming to create a genuinely community driven project in all aspects. As by tokenomics, each buys/sell transaction tax will be automatically converted to BUSD and sent over to a dedicated marketing wallet.

Chat & Earn is the first project in its understanding that lives off a living community. Users choose the type of marketing they think is right. This in itself creates the hype of the project and also, roughly speaking, makes people follow the constant development of the project.

The chat has a prescribed BOT, created to calculate people’s points. We at Chat & Earn call this reputation. Each user can receive one point for the message that seems most acceptable to the other person.

1659832030 856 Constant Contests in Chat amp Earn

Our group is community driven. If you are an adequate person and a pleasant conversationalist, you will quickly collect a reputation from other users.


You can rate a message by REPLY (+).

For each message, you can get only 1 point.

TAG Ranking System:

ADEPT: 70 (points)
GUARDIAN: 150 (points)
GURU: 300 (points)

The higher level you are, the more privileged you are in the community you got.

1659832031 327 Constant Contests in Chat amp Earn

Every day, the Chat & Earn project holds contests in its CHAT for various prizes. Many users get a reputation or other higher rewards! In addition to all this, there is powerful marketing of the project.

Passed 6 AMAs with projects:


Z Launch Bot

Nordic Wales Loung

Gollums Gems

Crypto Brasil

Coin Launch Lounge

Also, CHAT & EARN have constant and active marketing of all social networks!

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness something historic!

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