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Heyo everyone, Jonas here. Sorry to have kept you all waiting.

It’s been two months since the Beta game’s first version was released, when we presented the game mode and graphics of INUS. Since then, we have seen a lot of discussions among the players. This confirmed our belief that only the GameFi that are player- and gameplay-oriented are truly promising. In the past two months, our development team has completed several character skills, maps and replicas, quest system, and graphics optimization.

Previously we did not put promotion as an important part of the project. We devoted all our energy and time into the developing the game and we faced queries from a lot of players, as the projects similar to ours were all just making empty promises. Most of them were only in the early stages of development. They took advantage of the trust the players had in the projects, as well as their love for the blockchain game. But INUS has turned all the expectations we received into solid development progress.

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We would like to introduce you to what is really special about INUS with our upcoming PLANET NFT. PLANET is the first virtual real estate that INUS is about to launch,where players are able to truly have their own unique territories. The terrain and features of each PLANET will be randomly generated, and so will the creatures and monsters that live on each PLANET. A player can build homes, farm, and even establish a guild on his or her PLANET. And that is just a small part of the game, and we can’t wait to invite you to try it out yourself.

Meanwhile the development team is improving the game features and unique economic model. The features and attitude we want to present are basically finished out. We have adjusted the UI layout to make the visual experience as good as possible. Also, we have redone the Shiba characters, which will come out soon. Although each do was accompanied by the adjustment of a complicated number of contents, we think it is worth it as long as we are improving the quality of the game.

We know you must have many questions, so we will soon be posting FAQs about INUS and some of our marketing plans. At the same time, we will also be sharing more updates on development progress on our official channel. Anyway, now it’s a great pleasure to share the news that you will soon be able to enter the vast world of INUS, so if you don’t want to miss this day, do remember to join our Telegram group!

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