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What is up investors & welcome back to the Everything Crypto show! I am back with yet another surprise vacation video as there …


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  1. Glen Vermillion

    Thank you for another very informative video. Being new to crypto, I appreciate the insight and perspective.

  2. Chris Aimes Cunningham

    Hello.cro crowd We're cool …don't trip over this hodler . buy buy for

  3. beefeater Hamburg

    these days, i got so many flashbacks to my childhood.. standing in the candyshop with just two bucks and soo much sweets i want to buy..

  4. beefeater Hamburg

    sounds like god of crypto gives advices 😀

  5. gabriel sanchez

    👏👏awesome video thanks! Happy Father's Day to all!

  6. Bruh, this dude is speaking to cronos himself 😂😂

  7. Super Heros R Us!

    Quite a echo in here 😂

  8. I keep thinking about it and honestly we should have been dollar cost averaging. Lot's of people me included were buying into hype.

    All good though, I'm gonna HODl and have been.

  9. Can you do a video on how to add coins in the defi wallet please?

  10. Cronos Community

    Appreciate your video mate!!

  11. Dolittle Diehard

    Forgive me for reaching out to you but i am hoping you will verify whether someone was trying to scam me or not: I have metamask connected to Cronaswap. Around about 8pm, I noticed that the autocrona screen hadn't updated for an hour. I reportex it on crona discord channel. I was then contacted by admin who asked if the issue had been resolved and when i said yes, i was being offered a reward for helping out the channel. I had to connect my wallet to the backend servers at i followed the link and clicked on metamask but it said it couldn't automatically connect and i had to manually connect. Manual connection meant entering my seed phrase. I told the admin i didn't remember my seed phrase, because i don't. I mean it is written down but i would have to search for it. I'm a messy organiser. I think the person didn't believe me and threatened to ban me from the channel if i didn't provide the seed phrase. The person kept insisting they couldn't see the seed phrase if i typed it in to the website. Before I know it, there two more people contacting me saying they are from cronos support. It was at that moment i took a step back and i realised that these people were direct messaging me and they weren't part of cronos at all. The first person was real clever because they had a logo saying administrator mode, so it believable. The person asked for the address of wallet and i gave it to this person. I did this just before the others chimed in. I take it the address by itself is not enough. I hope connecting to the website above is not enough by itself. Could you make a video on how disconnect this wallet from Cronaswap and add a new one with a new address that can access the funds? I do have the seed phrase, i'll hunt it down tomorrow. I just don't want to use this wallet address anymore. Thanks for your time.

  12. Dude I really like your videos and analysis. You should make a video letting us know what you hold and a bit about yourself. Great content but it would be cool to know the man behind the vids.😎

  13. CRO ❤️

  14. Richard Butcher

    As you know I’m very positive about CRO. I still have my icy white rewards and I’m using them to build up my CRO defi portfolio to make up for the reduced staking rewards. Target is 250,000 CRO by 2025!

  15. I'm not much with words, just wanted to say thank you for the info you supply us, even on your vacation.

  16. Thanks!

  17. Andrew mcmurray

    I'm with on Cronos future, but saying Solona can't even staying running half the time is a bit much. It's 99% up time lol

  18. Voyager surviving as well… they just got financing from Alameda Research. Slowly converting my USDC to BTC, eventually I'll look into getting a hardware wallet but I trust these exchanges more than I trust myself haha

  19. you're in your own echo chamber dude!!! lol hope you're enjoying your vacation