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Intro and Q&A session, How Bitcoin Hashrate Works, Binance Leverage Tokens or Binance UP or Down Tokens, Vidt-Datalink Tokens – 00:00
Bitcoin related Updates and analysis 07:53
FTX and Sam Bankman regarding updates – 10:30
Shady role of @CZ_Binance in this crypto crash – in crisis. the next target of #CZ is #CRO token price 12:15

from the last 24h the hot topics of crypto market were again FTX exchange & is the next victim of #CZ. Withdraw your funds from and other CEX and don’t buy $SOL, $CRO, $FTT. In this video, I’ve shared Latest Crypto Market News, Updates and my analysis on current crypto market situation like why cryptocurrencies prices going up. Please don’t take any bit of my video as a financial advise.

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  1. Sir I have been following your channel and videos daily basis from last 8 months. It's very useful . I have been learning a lot from your channel. Thanks again.

    Please Sir, let us know about
    Bttc I mean BitTorrent how about this project, you never been discussing about this project on your channel?

    Otherwise, whenever I have been watching your video about dydx .
    I was starting DCA here. Now it's helping a lot in bear market.

    Over best wishes and blessings for you ever.

  2. A.O.A sir. What is future of Bloktopia if we hold 3 to 5y. And how to transfer and save blok in trust wallet and meta mask. And what is best platform for its staking.
    And please guide me HTR( Hathor Network).

  3. sir aik our bat betha dey k ju coin exchange pey list hota hai us ka kia keraterya hota hai kia wo apni supply ka kuch part exchang ko dey dety hain

  4. Yes sir mene bi yeh tweet kiye thy k CZ k hath ha cz ne khud karwaya ha lkn Twitter ne mujhe suspend krdia 15 days k liye jub ftx K FTT liye thy tub to koi show nah kiya or jub sale ki baat ai to pubic krdia wese b sirf $500M worth k FTT thy koi bara issue nah tha lakin

  5. Butt plz future tarding per ak or video Moulana Tariq Masood Sahab ko live video call per lain or unsy iska puchain

  6. The hash is a group of hex values where one character represents four bits, there are 64 (hex) characters which makes total of 256 bits, incredible information, Thanks!

  7. Sir BFIC ik mining method ha۔ or BFIC کے ik bht bhara project is ko explain kay۔ ky in future scam ha ya real ? plzzzz

  8. Salam
    Maqadas bhae hme gold silver lithium mcdonald KFC tesla k shares buy krney ka tareeka bataein.our kia hum in shares ko metamask or trustwallet me save ker sktey hen.please buy krna our long time k lye save krney ka tareeka agr apko maloom hai tu hmary rahnmae ker den.shukriya

  9. I loss ftt . 1.5 main sell kar diya hai. Only buy btc or koi coin buy na karin. FTX be binance ko target karey ga.

  10. Slaam sir 💕

    Sir g CTK token 0.74 cent sy nichy ni gia .

    Btc 15600 tk b gie hy lkn ye hr Baar 0.74 sent py aa k ruk jata hy.agr ye apni is spot ko Tor deta hy to next kia status hy is ka..

  11. Sir Kuch time pehle AP ne bola ta….k jis company ka incoming ziada & outflow km hota hai TB tk wo company chalti hai but agr Kisi company ka outflow ziada aor incoming km.. mtlb withdrawal deposit sy ziada ho jye TB wo baag jati hai….toh AB PTA CHALEGA K KON FRAUD K LIYE AYA HAI AOR KON ES POORY CRYPTO MARKET KO SUPPORT KRNE💓💓💓

  12. Sir next video tora future trade k baary me confused hu k…. future trade toh lgta aisa hai k jese market ki prediction kr rahy…but pir es ka Kisi b coin ki price action or kese impact hota hai….mtlb future trade kese market ko manipulate krti hai yaaa Kisi b coin ki supply and demand me manipulation krta hai

  13. سر پلیز یہ بھی بتائیں کہ اگر ہمارا فنڈ DOT ٹرسٹ وائلٹ میں پڑا ہو اور وہ وہی کوین ہیک ہو جائے تو کیا ٹرسٹ وائلٹ میں پڑے ہوئے فنڈ بھی افیکٹڈ ہوں گے؟

  14. Sir mobox ki trade action games per yeh option he under maintenance kiya Matlab sir aik video bana dain mobox per

  15. AOA Sir, plz guide, may we withdraw all our assets from BINANCE for safety since current situation like FTX , CRO etc

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  17. If you think about it with crashes, inflation and worse there is always another side where you can get the positive things out of it. The name of the game is AMZ11VR

  18. The best hours are yet to come now that AMZ11VR is in the realm. I wouldn't be the one who regrets decisions for the rest of my life by not being part of the movement

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