Cryptocurrency Collapse Wreaking Havoc On Investors

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Bitcoin has hit lows not seen since 2020, leading one of the largest players in cryptocurrency lending to announce the company is …


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  5. Called market manipulaTION to pay off the owners.. can't have comp to the USD?!

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  32. I told as many people as I could that crypto and stocks were going to crash. Doesn't take a rocket scientist lol.

  33. CELCIUS, TERRALUNA Remember next time the market is flooded with money whether it's crypto or something new all the YouTubers who pushed this Encouraging users to sign up so they could get their piece. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. If something sounds too good to be true it is 100% of the time. The problems only hit you hit you if you stick around long enough to find out.

  34. I want to start investing. Is it safe to start now, or should I wait until the end of this possible correction/bear market, despite the economic crisis facing the world, is this the right time to invest in stock, Gold/crypto?

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