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Democrats secure control of the Senate in the 2022 midterms, President Biden meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Michael Kosta breaks down the latest in cryptocurrency.

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  1. You guys talk about how people don’t trust crypto when it’s the exchanges that can’t be trusted. Cold storage is a must. Regulation is needed, clarity is needed…once that happens crypto will come back.

  2. 10:11 🤣🤣🤣 I laughed hard. BTW though, it's not fake money. Anything can become real when enough people focus on it and add value to it to the point that they are obtaining goods and services from it. It's how your note of promise became money in the first place. What you consider real money is also fake money until it wasn't anymore.

  3. Soooo, what do I do about the crypto crash 🤔 am I basically screwed out of my money 💰? Wtf

  4. I feel sorry for the country Guatemala they switch completely over to Crypto Currency.

  5. I would like to thank Donald Trump for holding on to $95 million in Republican donations to Republican candidates, helping to assure Democrat victories in the mid-terms.

  6. 😡Oust the lying Sup Ct Judges that tRump appointed & Clarence Thomas should resign😡

  7. My crystal balls and Michael Kosta say Bitcoin bottom is here. Believers shall be rewarded 😀

  8. Crypto in essence is a good idea. The execution has to be better. Money has to be decentralized.

  9. Giving Dolly money is a good move. She will make sure people who really need it will get it. Dolly is a sweetheart.

  10. Hey my man,,, my man , The second biggest democrat donor after Soros just embezzled customers' money – gave it to the Democrat party… and collapsed Crypto in the process.. Interesting, as Ukraine had invested heavily into this FTX crypto – which is gone. No reporting on this I see?

  11. Go and help your grandma who raise you. You haveoney go and buy her a new house or at least fix her house! Put some electricity, buy her furniture, send. Money for food. Democrats say they will help people and they don't do the same like you. Go and help the woman who help you when you were a kid. Ungrateful. Man?

  12. I wonder how many of the people who got excited about crypto currency used to complain about the Fed not using the gold standard anymore.

  13. That Mike guy is just a bad stand-up comic in a suit… I dont know why they keep him on, must be a contract or something

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