DRAMZ Token Update4

DRAMZ Token Update#4

Token Price continues to rise

Hard to believe its already 1 month since the launch of our $DRAMZ token on pancakeSwap, thankyou to all our community for your input and support on our Discord channel, Reddit and website GameCrypto.

As we see strong growth in our token DRAMZ from our initial launch, GameCrypto is working hard to bring value and opportunities to our community.

The growth of $DRAMZ has been top of mind, like all crypto currencies we are not immune to the selling pressures in difficult times that we face in todays crypto market, therefore I have asked our communities to help support DRAMZ by purchasing tokens to help support and ensure a continued price appreciation of the token.

Below is the link to purchase DRAMZ on Pancakeswap where community members can purchase and support DRAMZ as we grow our token price and community to build our RPG BubbleTopia.


Moving forward we need to be more entrepreneurial working together as a team with urgency and sharper focus, than allowing DRAMZ to appreciate at its own pace through organic growth and awareness. To achieve growth and steady price appreciation, we have come up with incentives and rewards for our community members.

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pancakeSwap pair BNB/DRAMZ

Currently we are offering our Medium readers and followers an opportunity to earn 10,000 free $DRAMZ tokens by simply playing our casual app games on mobile phones.

By signing up to the leaderboard collecting 100,000 XP points and registering on our website www.gamecrypto users can receive 10,000 DRAMZ directly to their MetaMask wallet. The following is a schedule of the free DRAMZ distribution when collecting XP Points.

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FREE DRAMZ earned through XP Points

Starting from July 1st until September 30th the initial reward will be set at 10,000 DRAMZ, from October 1st until June 30th 2023 the amount of DRAMZ will be set at 5000 DRAMZ and every six months thereafter, the amount of DRAMZ will half. The minimum amount of XP Required to receive free DRAMZ in our first round is set at 100,000 XP Points per month.

The games Leaderboard will be reset each month and users can start again to earn their monthly DRAMZ allocation.

July 1st 2022 — September 30th 2022 100,000 XP Points = 10,000 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

October 1st 2022 — June 30th 2023 100,000 XP points = 5000 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

July 1st 2023 — December 31st 2023 100,000 XP Points = 2500 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

Jan 1st 2024 — June 30th 2024 100,000 XP points = 1250 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

July 1st 2024 — December 31st 2024 100,000 XP Points = 625 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

Jan 1st 2025 — June 30th 2025 100,000 XP points = 312 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

July 1st 2025 — December 31st 2025 100,000 XP Points = 156 DRAMZ (1 per/user acc)

Scarcity breeds price appreciation — this is something we can control together as a group ethically and honestly, and by holding DRAMZ tokens our users can receive 20% in BUSD as a passive income which is implemented into the DRAMZ smart contract.

We have a great opportunity in front of us today and I’m excited if more members, could be part of our community by supporting $DRAMZ.

I look forward to our communities support in the coming months and help so that we can grow into one of the top web3 RPG projects in 2022.

www.bubbletopia.io ( RPG Game page )

www.gamecrypto.co ( community and game site )

Twitter (Social)

Discord (Social)


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