Genesis sneakers airdrop with HyperPay wallet

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Genesis sneakers airdrop with HyperPay wallet

HyperPay wallet giveaway with Runba airdrop

  • 50 Genesis Sneaker NFTs

1 Airdrop Genesis Sneakers to users from HyperPay

2 Download Runba app (

Join Daily Airdrop

3 Join in Discord of Runba ( create a ticket to ask for an activation code

4 Register in Runba with the activation code

5 Import the HyperPay web3 wallet (HD wallet) BSC address into Runba app

6 Fill out the secret phrase

7 Transfer the Shoe Box from Wallet to Spending

8 Confirm

9 Open the Shoe Box and you will get genesis sneaker

Please note: when you wanna open the shoe box, you need 0.2 VST as the gas fee, so you’d better run about 5 mins to get 0.2 VST before open the shoe box. Surely you can get the VST in the free fun mode with no sneaker, but no cup.

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