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Video Update

I have done a video walkthrough guide on all the things you need to know about this Dapp on the Binance smart chain (BNB).

But I will be breaking everything down here and what you need to know about the tokens and how and where to buy.

The Refinery is an open-ended blockchain CD that allows you to deposit and compound HFUEL tokens daily. By holding xHNW and xSK , you can increase your daily pay out percentage and the total rewards you can earn, while also earning from transaction fees of both HNW and SK.

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1655252149 397 HNW ROI Dapp Drip Killer
The Three coins for the Dapp

You will need either BUSD or BNB in your Wallet, once you press buy on any of the tokens it will take you over to pancake swap and load the contract address in there for you.

1655252151 988 HNW ROI Dapp Drip Killer

Once you have purchased your HFUEL tokens head back to HNW and head to the refinery. In the deposit section you will need to approve the HNW Dapp to allow your HFUEL tokens to be deposited (gas fees apply) Then you will need to deposit the amount of HFUEL you want to invest into the refinery (gas fees apply) Minimum deposit of 1 HFUEL token & 5% Tax on deposits.

1655252153 825 HNW ROI Dapp Drip Killer
Deposit button will be approve on first use

Your deposit will show up in deposits & will give you a max pay out also. The available Section will show you what you can either compound (refuel) or claim. If your planning on building a team for airdrops or downlines then you will need to buy xHNW tokens and stake them.

Staking your HNW is one of the best decisions you could ever make. When you stake your HNW you will receive weekly passive income, increasing the ratio of HNW to xHNW. Your increase in HNW will be realised when you unstake.

Don’t get left behind and start growing your HNW investment.

1655252157 379 HNW ROI Dapp Drip Killer

The SK token will increase your daily returns. 0 tokens will get you 0.8% daily. The more tokens you hold and stake will increase your daily %.

1655252160 748 HNW ROI Dapp Drip Killer

I only invested a small amount into the Dapp so I wont be compounding so often maybe every 3 or 4 days and claim maybe once per month we will see how it goes.

Video guide on YouTube

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