HoneyFarm Weekly Recap 21st November–28th November

HoneyFarm Weekly Recap : 21st November–28th November

HoneyFarm Weekly Recap : 21st November–28th November

Hello HoneyBeez,

We hope you’ve been keeping up with our updates, especially when we’re moving forward with so many new events happening in the world of HoneyFarm with each passing day. Well, Guess what? It’s time again for another exciting recap and we have some really good information to cover for you this time around. So let’s get started and see what happened in the last week at HoneyFarm.

HoneyFarm Weekly Recap 21st November–28th November

BSC Honey on Avalanche

It was almost time that our $HONEY Holders to get a taste of our HoneyFarm AVAX Network too, and with that we commenced our plan for them to be able to move their BSC $HONEY Tokens to Honeyfarm AVAX to continue to earn those sweet rewards like we’ve been doing in the past several weeks. For all of you who have yet not made the most of this opportunity, or are not sure how to do this. We have a customized step by step guide for all our HoneyBeez right here.

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A.BEE Continues to BURN !

To follow up on our previous burn of $A.BEE Token in the past week; we had another $A.BEE Token burn and with that we burned another 486.3 A.BEE’z this time around. You can check the details of this burn here as well.

1638190289 230 HoneyFarm Weekly Recap 21st November–28th November

$BEAR gets another Den !

Our very own $BEAR gets another Den, with this $BEAR can now be instantly exchanged with over 280+ assets without any hassle. All this can now be done on ChangeNOW which you can access at the click of a button here. Take a look and explore out the options you can now trade $BEAR Tokens. This is another step of making things convenient for our HoneyBeez & bringing more recognition to our core tokens.

Other highlights for the week :

While our focus has been on launching and shaping up nicely on the Avalanche network in the past week or two. We continued to gain ground on BSC network and progressed further with ensuring some major milestones were achieved.

1638190290 532 HoneyFarm Weekly Recap 21st November–28th November

Some of the things during the week which took place over the past week also included as MASSIVE 1200 BSC $BEE Burn; which was our 5th $BEE BSC Burn of many more to follow. You can check our the burn details here.

1638190290 648 HoneyFarm Weekly Recap 21st November–28th November

NFT Jelly Round 5 — @metasaurs comes to an end with yet another lucky winner taking away Metasaurs #3695 estimated to be priced around a staggering $1,500.

While these are some of the many ways we continue to reward our HoneyBeez, we are constantly working on bringing joy to our community in more ways than one. We’d strive to work towards making things shinier as we continue to explore ways of further keeping our HoneyBeez buzzing.

Closing Notes…..

While it has been another exciting week at HoneyFarm, we do have some more interesting stuff we’re eagerly waiting to bring to you being charted out in the weeks to come. However, that’s all we have for you HoneyBeez in this week’s recap as we gear up for another exciting week ahead. As always, please continue to shower your love, support and trust on us, and we’d keep working on making your stay special at HoneyFarm.

Until Next time….

Stay Tuned & Stay Safe HoneyBeez!

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