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How I receive cryptocurrency from my readers

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Have you ever shared your blockchain address with your readers in the hope they send you some Ether? You won’t do that anymore…

Support from a community is a great thing. It does not only mean income, but it is also a feedback on your work. There are professional writers and tech-geeks who earn from the platform where they publish, but there are other fishes in the ocean than whales (correction: whales are mammals).

If you don’t want to host your own site to earn from your own or third party ads, and if you are not a professional writer at say Medium.com, there is still hope to gain from your writings. Buy me a Coffee is an awesome project. I use it and really love it but additionally to its many benefits there are some downsides:

  • there is a registration required
  • you need to have a Stripe account
  • there is a payout limit which you have to reach before you can deposit
  • it does not support (yet) crypto currencies
  • you cannot integrate it into sites like Medium.com (only link it like below)

What if I tell you you could ask your readers straight in your article to send you some Ether?

Your readers (if you are publishing in blockchain topics) might have already setup their browsers with MetaMask and their Ethers are sitting on their accounts. All they need to do is to verify (or modify) the amount, click a button, and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

For this you only need to generate your own link on https://sendeth2.me, and share it on Medium.com. By using “embed” flag, only a form will be shown up so it can be integrated into Medium.com (or any other platform which uses Embedly). Without the “embed” flag, a link to the home page of sendeth2.me will be generated, where the form on the landing page will be populated with the entered data.

Whichever type is chosen there will be two forms of the links available. One for the traditional query parameters, so that developers can change easily (even programatically). While the other type will only contain a hash which is a nicer way to include in articles in their full form.

Your readers does not have to register on a third party site, they don’t need to have a Stripe account. Sending Ether will be at their fingertip. Their amount will arrive on your account as soon as the next block is mined, and there will be only 1% “development” fee subtracted. No additional hidden fees (certainly the transaction will have the usual transaction fee which depends on the actual gas price of the selected network).

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