How To Search Crypto Correctly? | TOP 5 Tips

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Beginners and even confident crypto traders can spend half their lives online, stumbling upon many unnecessary articles. And as a result, you never find the information you need. That is why I am here — to give you valuable tips and save your time on endless Google surfing! 🤟

#1 Clarify Your Query Via Extra Words

When discussing cryptocurrency, it is vital to choose the right search words. For example, the query “why is cryptocurrency falling?” can lead you to an article from 2010, and this information will no longer be relevant. Only some people can notice the publication date, leading the user to misinformation. That’s why you should specify the details “why is cryptocurrency falling in 2022?” or “why did the value of bitcoin fall in 2022?”.

Remember, the more precise your query is, the more time you will save.

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#2 Use Quotes to Get The Most Precise Results

The search engine can provide the most accurate result if you take the key phrase in quotes. If you need to know the native language of crypto traders, it is better to write “Crypto Slang” in quotes.

#3 Choose Tabs to Filter the Necessary Information

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When you need to know what happened in the crypto world, select the “News” tab. This option will significantly save your time by providing the latest news. Or choose the “Books” tab if you need to read famous crypto authors.

#4 Find Out More on Social Media

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Use social networks to find the information you need. For a quick and accurate search in the network, enter the required query, add “@” and specify the social network’s name. For example, “biswap@twitter” (in this case, quotation marks are not used). The first result is the official Twitter account of Biswap.

You can also use hashtags. Thus, the results will correspond exclusively to the specified topic. Put “#” before the keyword or phrase.

#5 Specify the Site Name

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When you need to exchange tokens on Biswap, enter the key phrase and the site’s name in the search line: “exchange Biswap” (without quotes). In this case, the network will immediately provide the correct answer, and you won’t have to search for Biswap exchange among other platforms.

Closing Words

Hope my tips will be helpful in your crypto searching, so you will earn faster! Become an advanced crypto user in the Global Network with Biswap!

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