Letter from the Biswap CEO

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Today is a special day for every member of our international family because it marks the first anniversary of Biswap. Today is the day when I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the immense pillar of support you have been providing to us. Thank you for being a part of this inspiring journey. It’s particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for Biswap looks so bright.

I would like to look back at the last twelve months to highlight the progress the company has made with your support. I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved together, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some thoughts and key areas of focus as we move forward in our exciting journey.

It’s a matter of great pride to see our project growing, embracing a good value system and achieving more than what we have ever thought of. Starting from there till today, the project has covered a long and evolutionary journey. Twelve months back, we started with millions of dreams, hope and immense enthusiasm and today, when we are celebrating our first anniversary, nothing has changed, except the fact that we have made our dreams true and have new ones now.

Celebrating the Past

There are lessons to be learned from the past, and I think for Biswap it comes down to two things. First, dream big. We had big dreams when we started Biswap. We made the dreams come true by turning them into goals and actionable strategies. Second, believe in your dreams passionately, show resilience, learn from your mistakes, and get back up when you get knocked down: the power of perseverance and passion.

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We grew at a much faster pace than the market. In just 1 year, Biswap has evolved into a global player. We started small, but today we are a Top 2 DEX on the BNB chain by trading volume, DAU and TVL. Our esteemed customers recognize the differentiated value we bring to them in terms of superior service delivery, innovative solutions and responsiveness to their needs.

Let’s take a step back and check out some of our achievements:

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $599,527,371
  • Average trading volume (24h): $250,019,344
  • All-time trading volume: $45 493 224 789
  • BSW token holders: 139,202
  • BSW token transfers: 19,837,698
  • Average BSW token volume: $75,658,165.00
  • Market Cap: $134,294,088
  • Average DAU: over 20,000
  • Average MAU: over 200,000
  • Transactions a day: 70,712
  • Biswap Community: over 470,000

Some of the achievements all of us can be proud of are:

  • Listing on Binance
  • More than 30 partnerships with various top players
  • Becoming a Top 2 DEX on the BNB chain by trading volume, DAU, MAU and TVL
  • Winners of MVB2 organized by Binance Smart Chain
  • A part of MVB3 Voting Committee

Let’s take a pledge that we are not going to restrict ourselves to only this but make and achieve new benchmarks in the industry.

It’s About the People

To Our Community

We’re proud to have you on board as our customers. You’re the reason for our success, and I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your relentless support. On this special day of our anniversary, we want you to know that your support and trust have been the biggest driver toward our success and continued growth. We aim to ensure you’re always satisfied. Thank you for inspiring us to do better over the months. Giving the best products and services is what motivates us to continuously improve our products and services.

Everything we have developed so far and are planning to develop in the future is with the intention of providing exceptional service and an outstanding experience for our beloved users. Therefore, we are sincerely grateful for always voicing your needs and concerns as well as trusting us to deliver the service and the experience you deserve.

We are honored to have your trust, and we will work tirelessly to continue deserving it.

To Our Employees

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated and passionate people every day. Your commitment to putting our customers first and living our corporate values has been integral to the progress and success of Biswap.

On this day of our anniversary celebration, we recognize your contribution to the success of Biswap. We’re grateful for your dedication and hard work. I wish you lots of prosperity and success in your future business activities. Celebrate the achievements of the company and enjoy yourself with your colleagues and business associates. It’s your contribution that has made this company known worldwide and been this successful.

I take pride in saying that we have the best and extraordinary employees with equally high aspirations and dreams. You have worked against all the odds that occurred to make what seemed impossible possible.

To Our Investors & Partners

We recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both Biswap and our customers. We thank our investors & partners for their commitment, expertise and skills in helping us serve our huge user base.

Additionally, we’re extremely proud of having Binance Labs as our key investor and Binance as our key partner in this exciting crypto journey. Hence, I would like to take a moment to show appreciation to those two companies and note that it’s an honor to have you by our side.

It’s our financial discipline, constant investment and ongoing development of the project & our people and your continuous support that enabled us to persevere in our steadfast dedication to helping clients and communities throughout the world.

Shaping the future

Our core values remain the guiding principles for everything we do, and I would like to emphasize three fundamental beliefs which drive the success of our operations:

  • Safety

As we keep on reiterating, safety is our number one priority, and no compromises or allowances should be made for anything when it comes to ensuring our users and their funds are safe on Biswap. Safety is part of our life and should define our way of thinking and our actions. It should permeate every part of what we do and effect.

  • Quality

Biswap has always been known for its excellent service delivery and outstanding UX/UI. We need to be passionate and paranoid about exceeding our clients’ expectations. We aim to and need to pleasantly surprise you with our punctual delivery and the highest standard of everything we do. All of us contribute to this image of impeccable service delivery, and I would like all of us to accept nothing but the top positions in every segment Biswap operates.

  • Innovation

We need to deploy technology innovations tailored to the needs of our customers, be close to the customers, listen to them and present technical solutions. Apart from the fact that innovation allows the company to stay relevant in the competitive market, it also plays an important role in economic growth. Although innovation may sound like a buzzword for some, there are various reasons for Biswap putting a lot of emphasis on it.

Innovation is the leading force of competitiveness, growth, and profitability. Here, at Biswap, we clearly realize the importance of creating not only secure products and services but also products that are unique.

Adhering to our basic principles and strategies allows us to drive good organic growth and properly manage our capital. There is also one critical point I would like to make. We have always been striving to build an enduring business with a clear focus on our users and their needs.

Closing Note

In all these months which have passed, we have seen it all — success and failures, highs and lows, celebrations and crises, everything. But one thing which we never did was to ‘give up’. This go-getter attitude, our faith in each other and our commitment toward the company are the factors which have brought us where we are.

Trust is the glue that holds the relationships together, and I know I have fulfilled my promise of staying transparent with our community, investors, partners and employees. I promise to go on and on with all my promises and pledges.

Today is a day to enjoy. It’s a day to celebrate our dedication, our passion toward our work and the vision of perfection in everything we have been assigned. This is your day, our day, and we will make it memorable forever. Let’s make this day a treat for yourself and a reservoir of energy for the coming days so that our chariot of victory doesn’t stop here but goes on for years.

Many more anniversaries, many more success stories and many more achievements are yet to come our way. Till then, let’s just keep up the good work and keep aspiring for more. As they say “those who dream big, achieve big”. So let’s not stop ourselves from dreaming, let’s not settle for less, let’s not restrict ourselves to what is conventional and let’s not let the failures discourage us. Keep experimenting, keep growing and keep celebrating. A very happy annual day to all of you! Let’s start the celebration with big cheers to all of us!

On this note, let the celebration begin! Let’s give a huge round of applause to our unity and efforts. Cheers to this happy occasion, cheers to all of you and cheers to the project we have been nourishing like a baby! Wish you all the very best for the coming months and years, and always remember that we can make anything happen together. Unity has the power to fight back against every hurdle on our way.

Biswap is here to become your most reliable and trusted partner for your crypto operations! We should all be proud of our achievements and be confident in who we are. Our future is extremely bright and exciting.

All of us deserve a big round of applause. Let’s continue shaping the future together.

Stay safe, stay with Biswap.

Yours sincerely,
EK, Founder & CEO Biswap

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