Liquidity Mining Comes to Kinesis

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Kinesis is the native stableswap of Evmos, providing users with the lowest slippage when swapping stablecoins. Kinesis will host multiple base pools consisting of various bridged stablecoins where users can easily swap between stablecoins, bridges, and ecosystems. Through Kinesis, stablecoin interoperability can occur in the Evmos ecosystem. Kinesis will become the exchange hub for multichain assets, wrapped IBC assets, and all stablecoins from various chains and ecosystems.

There are currently three pools with rewards.

Join Daily Airdrop

DAI Pool

Link to Pool:


Link to Pool:


Link to Pool:

Head over to to get started!

Go to and click Deposit on the pool you want to deposit into.

In order to receive rewards, you need to stake LP tokens into the MiniChef contract. This is located in the Deposit Page.

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