luna coin की coinswitch kuber पर listing⚠️| Breaking news🤩🛑Luna holders must watch🛑 | luna coin news

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luna coin की coinswitch kuber पर listing⚠️| Breaking news🤩🛑Luna holders must watch | luna coin news
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  1. Bhai LUNC ki traiding wapas se start hogi ya ni coin switch pe

  2. <I look forward to your show more than any other. the content, analysis, and the way you present your content is fantastic. It's been pumping and dumping in this range for ages! It's technically just going sideways, sideways means generally stagnant. But could be worse could be stocks.I’m always in the game no matter what! I’m also steady DCAING. Whenever we have dips like this I buy extra of my top 3-5 projects. .Mr Sam Williams also has been doing an excellent job evaluating all charts, trades Signals on BTC, which has helped my portfolio grow to 5.7 BTC…

  3. Bhi mne 200 rupees k ik liya tha muje kaise mila ga 1 luna ya phr 0.00005

  4. सांवरिया फर्नीचर एंड सांवरिया किराना स्टोर शंकर लोहार says:

    Purana luna 3436 he muje kitna milega

  5. Issa acha toh bhai ya full scam he kr leta ya natak toh na krta air drop wala maina 46000 hajar mai 16911 luna token buy kra or air drop mai kya mila 000.22 luna coins .. mai kabhi bhi kisse ko crypto pr trust krna ko nhi bolunga . Sab ummed thodi hai is air drop na

  6. Bhai Isme 30 % Dekha Rha h
    yaani 1000 pe 300 Coin
    300 Coin Thodi Na mile Ge

  7. do kwon did so wrong by launching luna2 and airdrop is a scam, we should be united and spread the word that luna 2.0 should never be succesful so they must have to work on old luna and make recover by burning and working on that old project

  8. Kya yeh conversion rate genuine hai. Coin DCX aur Wazirx pe bhi yehi conversion hai?

  9. Have you been having so much losses in trading crypto through different platforms ,send a message to Mr Harlow he’s got great signals and trades so good ,you too can be rich as well

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