Moonbirds: the new way to collect your favorite crypto art

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What are moon birds? They’re the newest type of non-fungible token (NFT) being used to represent collectibles in the blockchain space. Much like crypto kitties, they come in different shapes and sizes and there’s always an opportunity to discover rare ones that become valuable over time, just like crypto assets have proven themselves to be over the past few years with blockchains in general. To gain insights into what makes moon birds so valuable, let’s explore them in more detail below…

Moonbird is a platform for connecting, collecting, and trading digital avatars that represent real-world digital assets. Once tokenized, avatars can be owned and traded as if they were physical goods or traditional financial instruments. Moonbird’s protocol will allow anyone with a 3D printer to create new tokens that represent, say, cars or diamonds; fine wines; or works of art.

With these tokens, they can share their creativity with other enthusiasts while earning a commission every time their creation is traded on Moonbird’s marketplace. And investors can purchase newly created tokens without having any special knowledge of blockchain technology or having to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Collecting art has been a popular activity for centuries, whether as a way of expanding one’s horizons or simply showing off social status. However, in recent years, interest in collecting traditional forms of artwork has started to wane — but people are still interested in acquiring valuable pieces. New technology has allowed people to start creating digital works of art, which can then be bought and sold using cryptocurrency. If you have some ETH that you’re ready to invest in (or just want an easy method for spending some), moonbird paintings might be a great choice. Here’s why.

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Moonbirds do not use ERC20 smart contracts but rather a specially designed moonbird contract, which is integrated directly into NFT-enabled wallets. This allows moonbird owners to be able to exchange their digital assets at any time without creating an order on an exchange. The future of cryptocurrency may very well rely on decentralized exchanges that are currently under development, but in order for them to work, they will require all participants have full control over their assets at all times. Moonbird owners are rewarded with moondust tokens whenever they move or transfer their moonbird tokens as well as when other users purchase or sell them on secondary markets; providing a transparent and predictable earning system for collectors. Owners can also vote in elections via moon-votes for additional rewards paid out monthly in ETH based on ownership.

You can buy and sell moonbirds NFTs on a variety of different exchanges. They’re most popular on marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarebits, NFT Hub and Shopify Asset Exchange. In addition, they are available for purchase directly from Moonbird’s official website. Due to their popularity and growing demand, there is always an active secondary market for them on open platforms like Opensea that allows you to trade peer-to-peer with other users. With more than 250 million moonbirds in circulation, however, it may be difficult to find one at a reasonable price point. If you want to get involved in trading or selling them but don’t have any yet, you can also earn some by playing games on LunarLoot or by completing missions on LunarHunt. It’s important to note that all purchases made through these channels go towards supporting Moonbird’s parent company (The Art Chain Global) and its efforts in making blockchain gaming mainstream. The Art Chain Global also has plans for future expansions into other industries beyond gaming — such as fine art — and its success will ultimately be determined by how well it delivers value through these projects.

Welcome to a new era in collecting, where you can invest and support artists from all over the world — and where artists can create and make more art. Moonbird NFTs are like digital currency backed by profits from collectors, but they also act as an investment vehicle for emerging artists. It’s a win-win solution for everyone involved. You purchase moonbird NFTs with profit-sharing money, which allows you to own rare digital artwork while helping support up-and-coming creators.

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