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More Information about Rabbit Finance V3 Upgrade

As mentioned in <Rabbit Share Coin (RS) Initial Offering Plan>, Rabbit Finance will apply the V3 upgrade, which will affect deposit pools and leveraged farming and traidng pools and upgrade the RABBIT reward pools. Please operate according to the guide below.

Rabbit Finance V3 pool allocation

More Information about Rabbit Finance V3 Upgrade

Upgrade Guide to V3

1. User Guide of Deposit Pool

This upgrade does not involve bank contracts, and depositors (Lender) do not need to withdraw bank assets.

Before the V3 upgrade, depositors need to claim RABBIT staking reward, otherwise they will need to give up RABBIT rewards.

After the V3 upgrade, depositors need to stake ibToken to the V3 version of the Stake mining pool, otherwise they will not recieve RABBIT rewards.

The depositor’s interest from the bank (Lending APR) is not affected.

2. User guide of Leveraged Farming and Leveraged Trading Pool

Leveraged traders and leveraged farmers need to close their positions and claim RABBIT reward before the Rabbit Finance V3 kicks in.

If you do not close the position before the V3 upgrade will be regarded as giving up the RABBIT rewards that have been produced but not claimed.

Leveraged trading and leveraged farming positions will still exists with no RABBIT reward, and positions can be closed at any time.

The team will stop the maintenance of the old version of existing product. It is not recommended that users continue to mine in the old version. Please clear the position in time.

3. User Guide of Boardroom RABBIT Reward Pool

The Boardroom RABBIT reward pool will be discontinued, and holders of veRABBIT can redeem their RABBIT tokens and participate in the purchase of Rabbit Share Coin (RS).

For more details, please join Rabbit Finance community.

Rabbit Finance Team

Novermber 29, 2021

Rabbit Finance community

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/YSWuKH42JG

Telegram Group: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceANN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit

Medium: https://rabbitfinance.medium.com/

More Information about Rabbit Finance V3 Upgrade.clientViewed&referrerSource=full rss&postId=3f35b4ecb93a

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