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Another huge announcement coming our way! Liquidity joins in on our CBK Landsale!

Essentially Land NFT’s in CryptoBlades Kingdoms are a great way to have some fun and play around while you’re building your kingdom! You can grow resources by yourself or with friends!

CryptoBlades Land Sale Pricing for the Liquidify community!

The Liquidify community will have access to the following Tier land sales:

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Tier 1 Lands | Price: 80 BUSD each

Tier 2 Lands | Price: 240 BUSD each

Tier 3 Lands | Price: 4000 BUSD each

More information about the CryptoBlades land sale can be found here.

About Liquidify

Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT Marketplace based on Binance Smart Chain. Liquidifty provides different tools for NFT collectors.

Liquidifty provides various opportunities for NFT collectors and GameFi players such as limited NFT drops, special offers and collector contests. Also Liquidifty is well-known because of its massive support of young and promising NFT Artists. Soon Liqudifty is going to implement cross-chain NFT oracles, loans under NFT collateral, NFT vaults, and more.

There are many different and unique NFTs across various blockchains, but one thing unites them — value. Liquidifty helps users tap into and leverage this value. The platform is currently live on Binance Smart Chain but will soon be available on the Ethereum, Polkadot, and FLOW blockchains.

If you want to learn more about them, make sure to follow their Socials!

Website | Twitter | TelegramMedium

To learn more about CryptoBlades, visit our Socials:


👑 Cryptoblade Kingdoms Website
⚔️ Official Cryptoblades Website
📖 Learn How to Play Cryptoblades here

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Telegram Channels:

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KING and SKILL both listed at:
🐒 ApeSwap
🥞 PancakeSwap
🏦 LBank

SKILL also listed at:
MEXC Global
👛 CoinEx

More Kings to come.clientViewed&referrerSource=full rss&postId=1e849789bbc0

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