Most MINDBLOWING Ripple News Ever (If True, XRP WILL Destroy SEC)

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Things are crazy in Crypto. We heard some second-hand news about XRP and their timeline in the case against the SEC. Deaton has been saying that a settlement is an easy win for Ripple…. But did they just turn a settlement offer down?

I debated making this video or not. But if this is in fact true, this changes EVERYTHING we know about XRP, Ripple, and the SEC. Crypto is wild. You’re going to be shell shocked by this news!!

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  1. I’m sure …. relax and enjoy the ride and buy while You stil Can and just HODL !

  2. I've been waiting a very long time for this case to be over….have to use a different exchange to get XRP!!!

  3. Why so much satanic symbolism @bitboy? Right off the bat? Real eyes see you for what you are.

  4. Sure…. why would xrp have wanted a 5.00-10.00$ coin when they could turn down a settlement and rock a .30cent coin🙄

  5. The SEC is still trying to make ripple Labs the bad guy… And I believe they haven't done anything wrong so why should they settle under those terms

  6. when Ripple win the case against SEC en we are in Bullrun, my prediction price is 10 dollar

  7. If it is second-hand information and not coming directly from the source, it is most likely a fabrication. Try to pass on reputable and verifiable information if you have a large crypto following rather than saying this crap…. Just speculation again. Doesn't sit well, when you have already made a fool of yourself last time you said this.

  8. I'm at the point where I am sick of the clickbait. XRP has been a downer and the court is playing games.

  9. Its all a show
    XRP case may be the proverbial switch for the entire mkt for institutional capital to flood in

  10. It’s true that people with money tend to become eccentric and dress like a twat. Fatboy is no different

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