NEW PLAN: Do Kwon's $40 Billion Crypto Crash! Massive Terra Luna News Today! Should I Buy Luna?

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  1. I didnt hear or did I miss – What happens or is proposed to Luna holders who bought after the Crash ?

  2. All investors of luna fart without sound after the drop. Everyone got fxcked. But still do kwon having both hands behind his head relaxing.

  3. Great video as always and I agree with you. Before the crash everyone was for Luna now everyone is saying its dead which is proof that no one really knows. Its a gamble at this stage, if you're OK with that, invest whatever you're willing to lose and have an exit strategy. If your exit strategy works great, was worth the gamble, if not so be it. I have put £500 in, just need it to go to a few cents. I'm OK with losing my £500 for the chance of making hundreds of thousands. Everything with Luna is now speculation in my opinion and it should be treated as such. No one really knows what the outcome will be I don't think. I think all everyone knows now is that it's a gamble and if you don't mind a bit of risk go for it, if not don't. This is my view on it anyways.

  4. It’s funny how 40 billion was lost and Biden just donate 40 billion to the Ukraine!!!!

  5. This isn't even the worst crypto crash. LUNA with a burn would recover to mew ATH easily BTC ETH LTC all crashed & all recovered

  6. Where did all the money goes ???? All investers are waiting !!!! Nothing can dissapair in an instand !!!

  7. I bought wrapped Luna for 13 dollars when it was going down… I bought 8 instead of one… not getting that 113 back

  8. What happens if you bought in on Monday May 9th at around $48. I had limit orders set and order got placed . Is this considered post attack and then I’m out over 14k

  9. How do we even go about claiming this is we were a pre attack (pre Do Kwon) LUNA holder?

  10. Bruh, gamble a few tether bucks on LUNA and call it a day. It's dead AF

  11. Are they forking or not, i don't get it …

    I thought they voted on a fork which i assumed meant if you hodl Luna you will get a 1 to 1 New LUNA ???

  12. I have a question. I am Pre-attack UST holders and still holding today. By according to revival plan, if i hold UST until new network launch, am I eligible to allocate both distribution, which is the portion of 10% Pre-attack and 15% Post-attack ?. Im really confuse about distribution.

  13. I wonder what the best opportunities to invest now are, there are opinions but a little later I find out these opinions don't matter as a totally different turn of events play out with the stocks they discussed therein…

  14. Nobody can trust a new made up crypto.Which exchange would list it.!?Terra Luna original must be fixed so that integrity is restored.If not he should answer to authorities for putting a side crypto V2 next to the original to fool all on this fishy alternative.What then redemption?Off the hook?, And doesn't need to try to achieve anything anymore.No way! Burning until Luna original is restored back to decency.The right thing is to stick with the original so trust in the all crypto listed on exchanges are believable or crypto will fail thru lack of trust and confidence.

  15. Terra is gone, this whole hype of it being revived is nothing but a wing and a prayer. Pull all my money out.

  16. Did you say that Luna jumped 178,000% on May 13th about 15:00 UTC time? I just wanted to verify that because I had some Luna on an exchange and upon checking it at one point on that day, I noticed my value went up exponentially. At first I thought it may have been some glitch in the exchange, but hearing you say this makes me think that this could be the explanation. I am so thankful that it happened, but I have just been racking my brains trying to figure out how my value went up so enormously high.

  17. The value of LUNA and purpose of LUNA was stable coin development….and according to dokwon's previous video, it was designed to collapse to 'nothing'. now, if there was real interest in 'revive' and regain some value, the answer was to burn the excess/surplus 6.5TRILLION LUNA. Instead, this garbage fork is in opposite direction, creates a new worthless coin without any intrinsic value and leaves the LUNA trash strewn accross the field. The new coin would represents DoKwon's FOURTH failed coin!!!!!! A trash plan like fork is trash and thus trash is NOT slightly better than trash.

  18. It was NOT an attack/'whale'/manipulation/etc…. This was classic Ponzi scheme collapse.

  19. It's not really an ATTACK — so I'll just call it POST-KWON. Too funny and so true! Do Kwon is lying to the people, there is NO VOTE, as he's using bots to make sure he gets HIS WAY. Everyone knows all too well the best thing to do is to BURN the tokens. That's what the majority of voices on social media say. Luna can make a comeback if they burned the tokens, but it would take time. They have a nice rallying community behind it now, and if they burned the tokens, I believe Luna could reach $10 within 1 year. But $100 will likely take 4 more years, if it's even possible. I don't think the project is dead if they burn the tokens, however, if they fork — Luna is done for sure.

  20. All this moonboys acumulating luna 😀 , let s be realist no way to luna hit 0.1 or 1$ ! I have 1 milion only to see when go to 0 !

  21. Lost a big bag on Luna, starting over again. Buying meme coins again, made 50% on Terrafied bsc lol.

  22. Luna is dead… they’ve managed to do a big fuck you to the community collect the money and move onto the next one

  23. I wonder if it would be possible to increase the gas fee's to burn LUNA to avoid a buy back? That might work. I guess there's also no reason they can't do that after they fork the chain because the LUNA version 1 chain will still be there. That'd be a good stealth investment. 🤔

  24. This is sadder than the Intellivision Amico boomers still thinking the console will release after being repeatedly scammed.

  25. KWAN really forked up Terra incidentally just before US regulation was going to point out that the Emperor ain't wearing no clothes. This is deffo going to be a good MEME coin trade, but I would look for a dip with at least 5 or 6 zeros in front of it.

  26. Hi great informationbro. Can you advise if I should hold with Luna/busd ? I bought the dip after crash.

  27. It's not a revival it's a kwan rebirth as the idiot wasted all the money propping up the whales on exit…too dodgy time to move on

  28. I deserve to not have to worry about money 💰 I should never be worried about something so necessary… EVER 🚀. I affirm that LUNA is going to breakout massively in the coming months.

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