OSEA Airdrop Verification Tasks

Join Daily Airdrop

Join Daily Airdrop
  • Go to https://omnisea.org/community/airdrop-verification, and fill out each field of the form.
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to one of the following testnets: Ethereum Rinkeby, BSC Testnet, Avalanche Fuji, Polygon Mumbai, Arbitrum Rinkeby, Optimism Kovan, or Fantom Testnet.
  1. Discord Username — Join our official Discord server: https://discord.gg/omnisea, and paste your full Discord Username (e.g. Test#1234) to the first field of the form.
  2. Retweets — Please, retweet the indicated Omnisea tweets and paste the links to your retweets in the corresponding fields.
  3. Verification Code — Click “Generate code” and paste the generated code to the field.
  4. Select the checkbox confirming that you are of legal age and that this airdrop complies with the jurisdiction of your country.
  5. Click Submit button ✅

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