Pikaster beginner’s guide, how to get started quickly

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Pikaster beginner’s guide, how to get started quickly

Pikaster is a leading play-to-earn gamefi project developed by Metaland. It is a card-based battle strategy game in which players have to put a lot of effort and time to learn the skills of the Pikaster(NFTs) and their characteristics. It is an innovative game which features NFTs staking and evolution system, an outstanding scholarship system, guilds and wars, marketplace and in-game wallets.

The first card-based battle strategy Play-To-Earn game by Metaland is Pikaster.
Being at the vanguard of gameplay and token / NFT applications, it is the first attempt to implement a 3-token in-game economic model. Users may easily convert from Web2.0 to Web3.0 thanks to our built-in wallet, which makes the process easier for those who are not crypto natives.

The goal of Metaland is to create a metaverse with a DAO-based community. Players will be able to take part in the metaverse by playing a variety of card-based, social, or competitive games using our governance token $MLS.
Through a variety of social networking features developed both internally and externally, players will be able to communicate with friends and potential friends. Not to mention the potential for $MLS holders to engage in move-to-earn in the near future, as well as online and offline shopping.

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Three types of tokens will be issued:
$MLS: MetaLand Shares, the governance token in Metaland.
$SRBP: Super Rare Ball Portion, the rare game token in Pikaster.
$RBP: Rare Ball Portion, the regular game token in Pikaster.

Pikaster’s NFT assets are mainly generated through breeding, which requires a certain amount of $MLS, $SRBS and $RBS as materials. Releasing rules for $SRBP and $RBPs have been designed to achieve economic sustainability. The adoption of dual game tokens will enable our team to superiorly manage in-game inflation.

Additionally, token holders will have their own distinctive identities and fully control their assets and personal information. But more crucially, $MLS owners will finally experience a high degree of autonomy, completely embracing the Web3 era.

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