PolkaFantasy Interviews with Samurai Guild Games

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Horyu: Hello. I am Horyu, COO of PolkaFantasy.

We are excited to have our CEO, Alex, joining the interview today with X Creation, the parent company of Samurai Guild Games. Welcome to Japan, Alex!

Alex: Hi everyone, I am Alex, CEO of PolkaFantasy. Pleasure to meet you all in person!

Kawakami: I’m Kawakami, from X Creation. It’s been a while since the last interview for the alliance.

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Tanaka: I’m Tanaka from Samurai Guild Games. I’m pleased to meet you today.

Horyu: Thank you for joining us today. We would get into the details of the partnership between PolkaFantasy, Samurai Guild Games and X Creation.

First of all, can you please tell us how the partnership between PolkaFanatsy and Samurai Guild Games happened and what it is about?

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Kawakami: PolkaFantasy, CTIA, and X Creation join hands to offer all-rounded blockchain consulting services and to collaborate on GameFi around the PolkaFantasy ecosystem. To develop a fun yet never-before-seen game, we have decided to include Samurai Guild Games, so we can build a holistic Gamefi ecosystem together. That’s how the partnership happened.

Tanaka: In fact, the game we are building together will be something the world has never seen before! X Creation has in-depth experience in developing blockchain games. So we plan to work on game development and event partnerships together, and we have been working on a collection introducing “Character NFTs” with special utilities.

Alex: I think this project is indeed very new and interesting for everyone. What we build will be something beyond your imagination. Isn’t it exciting?! Keep a close eye on our channels for more updates!

Horyu: Can you tell us what activities Samurai Guild Games is currently doing?

Tanaka: What Samurai Guild Games builds is GameFi, and what we’re now focusing on is to “break through knowledge and language barriers to engage more people to play an active role in Web3.”

Especially in Japan, the industry is pretty underdeveloped. It is hidden in our culture that we should be more cautious towards something that may be difficult to understand or completely new.

Japan could continue to fall behind from the rest of the world, so this problem should be addressed, and that’s why it’s important to have a mindset of “opportunity to learn”.

Our core values are “play, earn, learn, create”, and we aspire to build games that everyone enjoys, and to make them smile. They can learn new things like programming which normally costs money. Hence, the content available such as my own educational business experience will not be charged and will be provided to the guilds. I hope for people to start from here and continue to learn.

I want to create as many opportunities as possible for everyone. It would be awesome to be able to connect and interact with the world, instead of just one or two particular audience groups.

With that in mind, Samurai Guild Games is committed to laying a solid foundation for Web3 to thrive and providing a platform where everyone plays an important role.

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Alex: I have deep-dived into the details and learned about your company, and was very attracted to its mission. I see you assist other companies, providing them with solutions to their needs and per requests. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and would like to create a good culture under various cooperation systems.

Horyu: Thank you for sharing with us. It’s a social mission! Please share more about the future plans of Samurai Guild Games and X Creation, who have such a wonderful passion, together with PolkaFantasy.

Alex: PolkaFantasy conducted the alpha testing of the first game on July 7, but it is just a small part of the PolkaFantasy game; There will be so much more. Character NFTs, land NFTs and other NFTs that were sold will be used in various types of new games we are going to release in the future. I want to promote them not only to people who are familiar with the crypto industry but also to people who are new to the space. Our Senior Development Advisor (SDA) Mr. Watanabe and I are working closely together on the second game development.

Kawakami: Well, one of the strengths of our company that originally led to the alliance is the wallet system and the NFT marketplace system. I have been in game development for a long time, and we have been developing a new GameFi project. And while we are releasing games of various genres with various portfolio strategies, we are very much looking forward to PolkaFantasy’s second game and would like to cooperate in development as well.

Alex: That’s right!

From now on, Polka Fantasy will also release a number of products. In order to create a strong ecosystem, we will work together with other companies to expand the ecosystem and enhance each other’s NFT utilities. I would like to make it a form that will enhance the token economy, and I would like to work with your company on that.

We are planning to release our own launchpad by the end of the year. We do much more than typical launchpads, not just IDOs, but we are also prepared to help general game studios to enter the blockchain gaming space. We are looking forward to working with you on token economies, as we are going to issue tokens and create tokens for projects, and thus scale up this industry.

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Kawakami: Well, various GameFi games are now available overseas in the context of Play to Earn, but are those games really interesting? I think that is very important, and what is the difference between earning money by playing games and real money trading, which could be a concern for people in Japan. That might hinder the scale it can get to.

First of all, I think that it will not scale up that much in Japan unless we create a new ecosystem that offers interesting games and earning.

Our company has connections with the game development experts. And with our knowledge, we are thinking of what kind of actions should we take to spread the GameFi game in Japan? I would like to work closely with PolkaFantasy to find out what kind of ecosystem should be created and developed.

Alex: Come on!!!

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Horyu: Thank you. This led to the realization of the collaborative NFT, and the creation of the SamuraiGuildGames’s special “title”. We do not use the term “official guild”, and we have a policy of giving unique titles to guilds that we have officially partnered with.

Because of the unlimited possibilities of working with us in development and helping us in areas we have yet to announce, SamuraiGuildGames is titled as…

Alex: Should I reveal it, or Kawakami-san?

Kawakami: That should be Alex-san, lol

Tanaka: Yes, definitely.

Alex: The title is… “Infinity Guild”!


Alex: Let’s explore the infinite possibilities!

Tanaka: Our guild members are expected to reach 10,000 to 20,000 people in August, and I would like to reward our community.

We are particularly eager to share information about PolkaFantasy with the world, and we are collaborating with various media such as planning sessions with TV stations, so I would like to cooperate in such places as well.

I want the members to be happy by joining Samurai Guild Games. We would like to participate in various activities together, such as the original NFT and our own guild’s mansion in the game, which is meaningful by participating in such activities.

Alex: Are you planning to expand overseas?

Tanaka: From the perspective of e-sports, Mongolia is strong, so we are in discussion with various partners in Central Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

Alex: Both Chinese and English might be essential in forms of communication, which happens to be one of our advantages, so if necessary, we can work together, and we would like to join you in future overseas PR!

Kawakami: By all means!

Tanaka: Yes!

Horyu: I think the number of people who will enter the market will increase, but will there be any collaboration in “learning virtual currency” for those who have little experience with virtual currency or who are new to the space?

Tanaka: There are many people who don’t understand how it works, so we will need to educate them to do such things. We can position that as a challenge for them to experiment, from an educational point of view. Enlighten me if you have more ideas!

Alex: Another thing we can do together is NFT whitelist, get each other’s allocations, and airdrop weapons and items.

Kawakami: So many utilities, is that okay?

Alex: Of course!

(Everyone laughed)

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Alex: Thank you! Look forward to our collaboration!

Kawakami: Let’s build together!

Tanaka: Thank you!

Horyu: Thank you for joining us today!

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