Rabbit Share Coin RS Initial Offering Plan

Rabbit Share Coin (RS) Initial Offering Plan

According to the earlier announcement, Rabbit Finance will upgrade its Boardroom and launch the protocol governance token Rabbit Share Coin (RS) based on the DeFi 2.0 concept. After the audit of the V3 version, Rabbit Share Coin (RS) will conduct IDO subscription activities for the community on the Rabbit Finance official website.

Discussion on Discord https://discord.com/invite/YSWuKH42JG

1. Purchase Price

1 RS = 20 USD equivalent RABBIT For the specific exchange ratio, please follow the announcement before v3 upgrade.

2. Qualification for Subscription

Users who hold RABBIT can subscribe.

3. Subscription Time

Subscription will be open this week. Please pay attention to the official website and community updates of Rabbit Finance for the specific time.

4. Subscription quota

A total of 50,000 RS will be released in this subscription. The unit price is 20 USD equivalent amount of RABBIT, and the total amount is 1,000,000 USD equivalent amount of RABBIT.

  • Single address purchase quantity range: 25 RS — 25,00 RS
  • Single address purchase amount range: 500 USD — 50,000 USD

The amount of RS tokens received by participants is subject to the final released amount, and the final released amount will be determined according to the RS token purchase quota confirmation rules.

5. Confirmation of Subscription Quota

In order to promote ecological prosperity and further activate the community, the platform will determine the final quota allocation based on the amount of subscriptions of participants, the amount of RABBIT holdings, the holding time of RABBIT, and the activity in the community on Discord.

Discord Community: https://discord.com/invite/YSWuKH42JG

About Rabbit Share Coin(RS)

Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is the governance token of the Rabbit Finance protocol, members of the RABBIT community can obtain RS tokens by mint with RABBIT, RABBIT-LP and RS-LP.

Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is a DeFi 2.0 concept token based on Protocol Controlled Value (PCV), which supports Protocol Owed Liquidity (POL) mechanism, mint with discount and stake to earn interest.

The initial supply of RS tokens is 68,260 RS. In addition to participating in the protocol governance, RS tokens will also be used to purchase characters and equipment in the game.

For more information please check here,


Initial Supply of Rabbit Share Coin (RS)

The initial circulation of Rabbit Share Coin (RS) is 68,260 RS. The distribution plan for the initial supply is as follows:

  • 50,000 RS community purchases with RABBIT
  • 10,000 RS shared by institutional investors and communities
  • 8,260 RS Development Fund

And More Information

All RABBIT tokens that have successfully subscribed for RS tokens will be locked in the treasury of RS tokens as long term RS reserve assets. The Token value of each RS is supported by the value of Rabbit’s token stored by the national treasury. RABBIT who has not successfully participated in the subscription will return the participant’s wallet address by transfer within 7 days after the subscription is completed.

Rabbit Finance Team

Novermber 29, 2021

Rabbit Finance community

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/YSWuKH42JG

Telegram Group: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceANN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit

Medium: https://rabbitfinance.medium.com/

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