Ramestta $rama Chart, Price and Contract

For public Blockchain, Ramestta Network is a scalability solution. Ramestta aims to address scalability and usability concerns while maintaining decentralization, security, and the ability to leverage the existing developer community and ecosystem. Ramestta Network is an off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms that provides DApps and user functionalities with scalability and a better userexperience. Ramestta Network, is a scaling solution that seeks to give several methods to boost the speed of transactions (70,000 TPS) on blockchain networks while also lowering their cost and complexity. it aims to solve the problems faced by the blockchain ecosystem by building a decentralized platform with the highest speed of 70000 transactions per second, Transfer Your Crypto with Minimal Gas Fee with Fastest Speed on Ramestta (RAMA) is an open-source project built by a decentralized team of contributors from all over the world. Choose #ramestta Blockchain because of its extremely unique features including the speed to complete about 70000 transactions per second.


Name: Ramestta
Symbol: rama

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 0

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rama price,Ramestta price


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